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  3. Hazelnut Hair Color And Its Comparison With Other Warm Shades
Hazelnut Hair Color And Its Comparison With Other Warm Shades

Hazelnut Hair Color And Its Comparison With Other Warm Shades

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Hair color trends come and go, but some shades remain timeless due to their versatility and natural appeal. One such alluring color is hazelnut. A blend of brown with subtle golden and red undertones, hazelnut hair color offers a rich and sophisticated look that butters up a number of skin tones. As said by Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Soho, “It adds a bit of warmth to brighten up around your face without being red or too warm.”

Hazelnut hair color is a medium brown shade enriched with golden and subtle blush undertones. It creates a natural, sun-kissed effect that adds depth and dimension to the mane. This shade is loved particularly for its ability to blend seamlessly with various complexions. The balance of brown and warm highlights in hazelnut makes it a versatile choice for both fine and more pronounced styles, from balayage to full-color treatments. Let’s delve deeper into its popularity and hazelnut hair color comparison with other warm shades to help you picture yourself in different hues.

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The popularity of hazelnut hair color

Hazelnut hair color has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its versatility, warmth, and flattering effects. Here are some reasons why it is a favorite among many.


  • Dimensional – The mix of golden and red tints offers a multi-tonal finish that defines the natural hair texture, waves, and curls. It creates a contouring effect, turning heads wherever you go.
  • Adaptable – Hazelnut complements a wide range of skin tones, from fair to dark. Its balanced undertones make it a universally flattering color.
  • Low maintenance – It requires fewer touch-ups than brighter or more dramatic hues. Hazelnut merges smoothly with natural hair color, meaning it fades beautifully.

Hazelnut hair color comparison

We tapped color experts to understand hazelnut hair color comparison with other warm shades and narrowed it down so you could pick your favorite.

## Hazelnut Chestnut Caramel Honey Blonde
Tone Medium brown with a balanced and unique mix of golden and subtle red undertones. Dark brown with strong red tones. Light brown to dark blonde with prominent golden undertones. Light blonde hue with golden undertones.
Effect Hazelnut provides a softer, more natural look. It offers a rich hue that adds a sense of depth and intensity. Chestnut is ideal for those seeking a more dramatic and vibrant warm hue. Caramel hair color often suits those with lighter skin tones, bringing a bright, sunlit effect to the hair. Honey blonde is perfect for those aiming for a light, sunny appearance that captures the essence of summer. It adds a vibrant, youthful glow to the hair.
Upkeep Hazelnut hair color is low-maintenance in comparison with other warm shades, as it blends beautifully with the natural color of your hair and leaves no ugly tones. Similar to hazelnut, chestnut hair color can be low maintenance, especially if you have reddish base tones. Caramel can be high in maintenance, as it may require more frequent touch-ups and toning appointments to keep up with the shine and vibrancy. Being a shade of blonde, it may get brassy with everyday wear and tear, thus requiring frequent toning sessions, both at home and in the salon.

Hazelnut vs chestnut hair color

Hazelnut vs chestnut hair color

Chestnut hair color is characterized by its rich, reddish-brown tinge. This shade is deep and more red-toned than hazelnut. Chestnut is perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and who prefer striking red undertones. On the other hand, hazelnut provides an equally elegant but softer shade with a classic look. Regarding upkeep, chestnut requires more attention as faded red tints may not blend well with the rest of your mane. While choosing between these two shades – hazelnut hair color vs chestnut hair color – it is best to consider your skin tone, upkeep cost, and your colorist’s advice.

Hazelnut vs caramel hair color

Hazelnut vs caramel hair color

These two colors look pretty similar. Let’s help you understand the difference – hazelnut vs caramel hair color. Caramel is a warm shade known for its golden and honey tones, offering a bright, sunlit effect. In contrast, hazelnut leans towards a medium brown base with more understated warmth. Caramel, which ranges from light brown to dark blonde, features prominent golden undertones that create a vibrant overall appearance. This makes it an excellent choice for those with lighter skin tones looking for shimmery hues. Hazelnut is a well-balanced fusion of gold and red with a more muted warmth that can complement both light and dark complexions.

Hazelnut vs honey blonde hair color

Hazelnut vs honey blonde hair color

Honey blonde is a golden-blonde shade loved for its vivacious appearance. According to Colorist Ashley Wahler, “Honey blonde is all about intentional warmth.” This tinge is perfect for achieving bright, glowing strands while soft-soaping the facial features. It may require frequent root touch-ups to prevent brassiness and maintain its sheen. In contrast, hazelnut is an all-time beautiful color that may not demand in-salon toning before two to three months.


1. How to achieve hazelnut hair color?

It is easy to achieve hazelnut hair color using Moehair 7KA Hazelnut Coloring Cream. It is a keratin-infused permanent hair dye that gives a rich hue, boosts overall texture, and lasts long.

2. Is hazelnut a shade of brown?

Yes, hazelnut is a mellow shade of brown that suits all skin tones, face shapes, and occasions.

3. What is the difference – hazelnut hair color vs chestnut hair color?

Chestnut hair color is rich, reddish-brown with bold undertones, while hazelnut gives a softer, classic look. It is a fusion of gold and red.

4. Which is darker – hazelnut vs caramel hair color?

Because of hazelnut’s pastel texture, it may appear darker than caramel hair color. However, it all depends on the shade you choose, as there are various options under these two categories.

5. Which eye color best suits hazelnut hair?

It is ideal for both dark and light eye colors. Hazelnut hair color visibly enhances dark eyes and accentuates light-colored eyes, creating an irresistibly alluring look.



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