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Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

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Whether you have natural blonde hair or dream of a bombshell blonde crown with eyes open, there is a gorgeous shade just for you. From ice-platinum tints worn by Beyoncé to Kourtney Kardashian’s chicest bob in blonde, there is so much to take inspiration from (and go mad about!).

Celebrities have busted the myth that warm tones complement blonde hair colors. This versatile color boasts bountiful shades, meaning everyone can confidently flaunt their stunning golden or platinum blondes. Haircolor Expert Abby Haliti told Glamour, “Generally, people with warm undertones look best with warm blonde shades like honey and golden blonde. Those with cool undertones, like pink or blue, tend to suit cooler blonde shades like platinum or ash blonde.”

The blonde hue lends itself to a variety of hairstyles and iterations. It is the most adaptable of all, giving a fresh, rich, and premium finish. Get ready to take the plunge and go blonde, as we have jotted down plenty of blonde hair ideas for you to choose from. Ditch the salon and color your tresses at home using Moehair Permanent Hair Colors.

Amethyst Violet Blonde


It’s time to turn on happy-hair mode with vibrant violet hues blending with your lightened blonde strands. Choose our curated coloring creme for a long-lasting shade that glorifies your crown. Think buttery gold with a touch of amethyst or mauve— the awe-inspiring tinge is all yours.

Dark Blonde Mahogany


This glossy shade is a blend of copper and gold with a pinch of rose. Mahogany is perfect for both— a glam date night and a lazy brunch. Its light-reflecting aura embraces your facial features and adds depth to your luminous locks. With hints of violet or burgundy, the dark blonde mahogany is ideal for warm skin tones.

Classic Sandy Blonde


It’s time to balance the warmth of your strands and swap your natural hair color with hints of sandy brown. The excellent light reflection of sandy blonde hair is what we all root for. Pair it with messy hairstyles, as this low-maintenance hue requires very few touch-ups and adds a dimension to the mane.

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Light Golden Blonde


Go for highlights, ombre, or balayage with our light golden blonde coloring cream, offering a color-rich experience. One of the most loved blonde hair color ideas, it delivers a flattering makeover in a few coloring sessions. Turn heads with subtle gold tints, as it looks alluring all year round.

Intense Red Blonde


Red is everyone’s dream color, and the intense red hue on blonde hair is like a cherry on the cake. The shiny and captivating tinge offers a complete makeover that comes with a high cost of upkeep and glossing sessions. Invest in Moehair’s dark intense red blonde coloring creme and cast the magic spell of scarlet red wherever you go.

Deep Ash Blonde


Your hair deserves a deep, ashy transformation at least once so you can taste the flavors of glamor. Wear it straight for a sleek texture, or curl it your way for a voluminous look. Thanks to its universal appeal and adaptability, the ash blonde hair color explicitly contours every face shape and tone.

Reddish Strawberry Blonde


Fair skin and cool undertones blend perfectly with strawberry blonde hair. This timeless combination of reddish strawberry tints with golden blonde tops the list of best blonde hair color ideas. Its multi-dimensional look is enough to make the whole place shimmer. With our salon-grade coloring creams, you can keep the hues vibrant for as long as you want.

Ultra-Light Ice Blonde


A series of blonde hair color ideas is incomplete without the all-time classic ice blonde. Everyone secretly loves the foamy texture it gives. The best part is that this light pastel platinum tint has been endorsed by our favorite celebrities at some point, making it obvious for us to try on.

Upkeep and Maintenance of Blonde Hair

Picking one from abundant blonde hair ideas isn’t the only headache. Once you’ve made your choice and colored your strands in astounding shades, the next step is to keep them alive for longer. A careful color care regime is all you need to maintain your luminous blondes.

It’s a fact that hair will grow, and roots will show up. While upkeep does not guarantee a permanently lustrous, shiny hair color, it extends the time between two coloring sessions. Colored tresses, especially blondes, go brassy with constant exposure to heat, environmental stressors, and styling tools. Below are a few tips that work equally well for all blonde hair color ideas.

  • Choose color-safe shampoo and conditioner – Harmful chemicals in your regular shampoo may degrade the texture of your colored tresses. Invest in color-safe regimens to cleanse the mane without compromising the color’s vibrancy.
  • Air dry your hair –Most styling tools operate at high temperatures, making hair prone to fading and dullness. Ditch the heat and choose safe styling techniques whenever possible. If you are bound to use a curling iron or straightener, indulge in a heat protectant spray to minimize thermal damage.
  • Wash your hair less – Frequent washing can strip nutrients, natural oils, and moisture from the strands. Consider no-poo days and skip using harsh shampoos on your colored mane.
  • Apply hair mask – A nourishing mask provides much-needed nutrients to the tresses while boosting texture, sheen, and overall vitality. It deeply hydrates, nourishes, and conditions the strands, keeping the color alive for an extended period.
  • Opt for glossing sessions – All blonde hair color ideas demand regular root touch-ups and toning sessions to maintain the shine and gloss. Either book a salon appointment or use a sulfate-free hair toner 1-2 times a week.


Q1. Which skin tones suit blonde hair?

Warm undertones look absolutely stunning with honey and golden hues. On the other hand, those with cool undertones tend to rock cooler blonde shades like platinum and ash blonde.

Q2. Is blonde a masculine or feminine hair color?

Blonde is a gender-neutral color with a spectrum of shades, so everybody has ample options to choose from.

Q3. What are the best blonde hair color ideas for 2024?

From lighter hues of gold, platinum blonde, and ash to intense red, violet, and gold, this year again favors the most classy blonde hair ideas.

Q4. What happens when blonde hair isn’t taken care of?

Blonde hair turns brassy if not taken care of. Common causes include environmental aggressors, heat styling tools, harsh shampoos, and improper washing or overwashing.

Q5. How to get rid of brassiness in blonde hair?

Remove yellow and orange undertones from blonde hair using Moehair Color Infuse Hair Toner. This sulfate-free product deposits purple pigments to neutralize brass. Depending on hair type and desired results, you can use a color-correcting toner once or twice weekly.


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