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The Ultimate Guide to Hazelnut Hair Color: Everything You Need to Know

Hazelnut Hair Color Ideas

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Hazelnut is a color that reminds of the warm earthy hues of autumn, gradually transitioning into the white winter canvas. Symbolic of freshly brewed coffee and delicious desserts, the warmer tones bring a sense of comfort. Unlike the changing season, the popularity of hazelnut hair color is here to stay. The warm-toned color has allured hair coloring enthusiasts across the globe.


Are you looking for some inspiration? We have deep dived for you - from hazelnut hair color ideas to tips for maintenance and the best shades to try. Read on the blog to know more.

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What exactly is hazelnut color?

Hazelnut hair dye represents warm hues. The color is timeless, with a subtle mix of brown blended with orange and yellow undertones and a hint of red. Inspired by shades of earthly brown, the classic color entices you through its elegance and sophistication. The nutty color orchestrates the combination of brown and gold in perfect harmony, leaving tresses in their sun-kissed glory.

Hazelnut shade enhances your hair's natural color, brightens the blondes, and adds depth to the existing shade. Veering away from the golden caramel or red of chestnut brown, hazelnut sits between the shades.

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Factors to consider before getting hazelnut hair color

While hazelnut color complements every skin tone, variations in the shades might influence undertones. Here is what you need to consider before picking the color:
  • Skin tone and undertone - As the color is a mellow shade of brown, it looks good on all skin tones. It adds richness to skin texture for someone with warmer undertones. It slightly enhances the warmth for people with cooler undertones like purple, pink, or blue.
  • Hairstyle and coloring technique – Choose the appropriate hair coloring technique and style before opting for the color. Hazelnut balayage and ombre are trending that elevate your personality and style.
  • Type of color to use – Another aspect to consider is the type of color – whether to opt for permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Hazelnut hair color is safe; most people opt for its permanent variation.
  • Overall hair health – Compromised hair health is prone to further damage. Before opting for the hazelnut brown hair color, it is highly recommended to prepare your hair and nurse it to good health. Weekly deep conditioning hair mask makes a huge difference and moisturizes the tresses.
  • Read the ingredients – Always read the ingredients in the labels before choosing the color brand. Make sure it is free of toxins like sulfate and parabens. It is best to choose colors enriched with keratin and natural oils.
  • Expert recommendation – One of the best ways to lock your tresses in the best hazelnut shade is through professional coloring. Contact a stylist or hair coloring expert to get the best outcome.

Trending hazelnut hair color ideas for this season

While the shade looks more or less similar, variations do exist. If you are a fan of brown hues, here are some of the fresh hazelnut hair colors to try:

Glossy hazelnut


Shiny, lustrous, and stunning, glossy hazelnut leaves your hair gorgeous. Whether it is hazelnut highlights, balayage, ombre, or coloring the whole crown, the gloss adds shine. Embrace the warm transformation without going over the top. Lock your hair in a brown base with a hint of golden, caramel, and red.

Dark hazelnut hair color


If you love depth and dark shades of brown to adorn your crown, opt for the dark-toned hazelnut - shade. Team up the nutty-brown hazelnut color with a dark chocolate shade for a natural look. Whether you opt for balayage or highlight, dark hazelnut elevates the appearance without bringing a drastic transformation.

Hazelnut caramel hair color


The caramel vibrancy with the hazelnut subtleness combines the warm brown tones leaning towards a reddish tint. The red undertones in the caramel color add to your blonde hair. Color your hair by adding lowlights and vibrancy to the brown shade with a tinge of caramel.

Hazelnut mocha ombre


Level up your hair aesthetics as the warm ombre blends effortlessly with your natural or pre-colored hair. Create a mesmerizing effect using the hazelnut ombre on existing black, brown, blonde, or brunette tones. Add warmth and light to your tresses with brown hues of hazelnut mocha. We recommend trying the Moehair Hazelnut Hair Color Range.

Hazelnut blonde hair color


Try the root melt technique using a combination of hazelnut and buttery blonde or sandy blonde color. The root melt technique gives an effortless blend of light and dark shades. As the darker shades are pulled towards the tips, the color looks light near the roots, gradually getting darker toward the end. Go for a blonde shade near the roots that gradually transitions into darker hazelnut tones at the roots.

Tips for maintaining hazelnut hair dye

Hair color needs maintenance to retain its freshness, vibrancy, and prevent its premature fading. Here are a few tips to keep your hazelnut brown hair dye salon fresh:

  • Use color-protect products: One of the best ways to keep the color from fading is by using hair care products formulated for colored hair. Use color-protect shampoo and conditioner to retain the vibrancy of the hazelnut hair dye. We recommend using Moehair Color Alive Shampoo and Moehair Color Alive Conditioner.
  • Deep conditioning mask: To keep the hair from damage and maintain overall health, using a deep conditioning mask weekly is recommended. The hair mask deeply hydrates and moisturizes hair, keeping its overall well-being intact.
  • Add gloss treatment - Using a gloss formulation once every two weeks helps preserve hazelnut hair dye's color richness and vibrancy. As it seals the cuticles and locks the color, it prevents it from fading and adds shine.
  • Use leave-in conditioner – If your hair feels dry after coloring, replenish the strands with leave-in conditioner. As it repairs the dry strands and delivers the much-desired nourishment, it keeps the hair soft, supple, frizz-free, and hydrated. We recommend using Moehair Leave-In Conditioner spray.
  • Use heat protectant spray – Although it is best to limit styling using hair styling tools, it is unavoidable. Heat not only damages hair but also tends to fade away the color. Spraying heat protection to shield your hair from direct heat emitted from styling tools is crucial. We recommend using Moehair Thermal Shield Spray.
  • Regular touch ups – If you want the hazelnut hair color to stay for long, consider getting root touch ups and trims. Book an appointment with your salon for touch ups to maintain the color for longer.
For all the right reasons, the hazelnut color will always be trending. The classic color is excellent for every skin tone and matches everyone. Whether you are coloring your hair for the first time or looking for a subtle transformation, try hazelnut hair dye.




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