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Purple is that one savage color that continues to live rent-free through all seasons. Be it the fashion insiders or the expert hair colorists – it's collectively agreed that purple is a ubiquitously beloved hue. While the lilac, dark purple, pastels, and lavender shades are much talked about – perhaps their close cousin amethyst is usually forgotten. Now is the time to spotlight amethyst hair color – this season's head-turning, fresh color.

Amethyst, a color that embodies freshness, inspiration, and royalty, is a true gem. This alluring shade of purple, not too pale, dominates with its light reddish to pinkish undertones. Like the gem itself, let your hair reflect its grace and wear its luminescent shine. Join us on a journey to discover amethyst hair color – trending ideas, maintenance tips, and how to nail the look.

Trending Amethyst Hair Color Ideas to Try for that Stunning Makeover

Amethyst is a soothing shade of purple or violet with pinkish undertone hues, often complementing all skin tones. As Rex Jimieson, hair color educator at Maxine Salon, told Popsugar, "Violet is made of red and blue, so it looks good on both warm and cool skin tones." So here's some fresh hair color inspiration to try.

All-In Deep Amethyst


If you wish for a subtle transformation, go for dark amethyst that inspires a fresh change during sun-kissed summers. As the solid pink-reddish-purple tone takes over your tresses, be ready to embrace the change. The deep color is for anyone who doesn’t want to go overboard while experimenting with a purple hue. Whether you have naturally warm blonde, brown, or black hair, this color teams well with everyone.

Blue-Amethyst Blend


When two cool-toned vivid colors come together, they create magic with an awe-inspiring makeover. Stay on top of your style game with blue and amethyst hair color, merging in symphony. You are spoilt for choices while clubbing both colors. Either go for an amethyst highlight on blue hair or vice versa. Or, level up your adventure and go two-toned root melt with a purple hue dominating the crown and electric blue melting from mid-length towards the ends.

Smokey Amethyst


Pastel purple with hints of ashy blonde hues - that's right, we are talking about the gorgeous smokey amethyst. It is a brilliant choice for someone looking for a vivid color without going overboard. The trending color pairs up beautifully with loose curls or beach waves. The color leans slightly towards an ashy bluish hue that gives out brilliant vibrancy, especially on sun-kissed hair.

Pastel Panache


Romanticize your soft girl look as you paint your tresses with this soft-toned amethyst hair dye. One-of-a-kind pastel shade with pinkish undertones and freshness of lilac; try balayage, ombre, or highlights – there is so much to choose from. With a pastel purple tone, you can blend it with ashy or sandy blonde for an illuminating contrast.

Amethyst Brown


The blend of purple and brown is undoubtedly one of the prettiest colors if you are looking for a unique and moodier shade. With saturated purple pigment deposits teamed with brown undertones, the color compliments every skin tone. There is so much you can do combining both colors. If you are in the mood for some color experiment, try coloring the roots to mid-length in brown and the rest of the length in purple. Two-toned is eccentric, but it’s here to stay for long.

Neon Nirvana


Neon hair pops out brightly under the light. It’s an old kid in the block but reigns on to shine. Team up soft neon amethyst balayage with a deep purple shade to create an alluring contrast. Try face-framing neon layers and be quite the head-turner. Look straight out of a fairytale with neon-colored pastel amethyst, but use monthly toners to keep the hues vibrant.

Amethyst Waves


Channelize your inner mermaid with soft amethyst waves and create your Ariel world. Switch your look with balayage, ombre, or gentle amethyst money piece highlights, or have fun coloring your loose curls. If you love a quirky change but don’t want it to last longer, mix Moehair Aura Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Color with clear paint to create your shade of amethyst.

Tips to Take Care and Maintain Amethyst Hair Color

As much as the purple shades brew inspiration and evoke a sense of royalty, maintaining amethyst for a prolonged time takes some work. You cannot abandon your colored tresses and expect the vibrancy to stay intact. But don’t worry. We have researched enough and asked a few experts to chart everything you need to care for your freshly colored amethyst hue.

Color-safe products only

One of the biggest mistakes is using regular products on colored hair. Color-protect products are specifically formulated with ingredients to protect the color from fading and preserve vibrancy. Add a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep the hues intact for longer. We recommend trying Moehair Color Alive Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your amethyst hair color bright and glossy.

Toner is the A+ game

Amethyst hair color tends to fade within two to three weeks if not taken care of. If the hair turns pinkish, it is in the first fading step. Dial down the unwanted brassy tones and preserve the vibrancy using hair toner between salon visits. As Natasha Speth told Mind Body Green, “We use toners to enhance dull tones or cancel unwanted tones.” As per the color wheel, use ash hair toner to fade-proof the amethyst shade, as it cancels out pesky yellow or orange undertones.

We highly recommend trying the Moehair Color Infuse Silver Toner to keep the brassy tones in check.

Protect with a Hair Mask

Nourish and hydrate your hair by adding a hair mask to your weekly routine. Coloring might deplete and imbalance the natural moisture level of hair. As a result, it might turn hair dry and frizzy. To nurture and moisturize hair, repair damage, and keep the hues intact for long, at least use a hair mask once a week. If you are looking for a restorative product, try Moehair Hair Mask. Also, use a pigmented hair mask like Moehair Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Hair Mask once every two weeks to keep your hair salon fresh.

Say no to heat

Exposure to sunlight, hot water, and heat often dries out hair and makes strands prone to faster fading. One of the best ways to preserve the amethyst hair dye is to avoid heat styling. However, if you must use hot styling tools, use a heat protectant spray like Moehair Thermal Shield Spray. Also, never use hot water to wash hair as it opens up the hair follicles, damaging keratin protein and causing strand dryness and frizz. Use cold water or lukewarm water to wash hair. Wear a hat or scarf before stepping under the sunlight.

Take swimming protection

With more pool days, your hair is likely to encounter chlorine, which speeds up the fading process and leaves a slimy greenish tint. Take the necessary precautions before diving into the pool. Wear a swim cap, prep your hair with pre-condition, and immediately wash your hair after stepping out of the pool. Apply a layer of conditioner to your strands as a preparatory measure, as it forms a protective barrier and minimizes chemical damage.

Amethyst hair color is not the easiest to maintain, but with the proper care, it beautifully lasts longer. Whether an amethyst bob or loose curls, the colors complement most hairstyles and all skin tones. Try out this unique and elegant shade of purple, but be the head-turner with the gorgeous hue.


Q1. What exactly is an amethyst color?

The amethyst stone inspires it and is one of the deeper shades of purple with slightly reddish or pinkish undertones.

Q2. How do I get amethyst hair color temporarily?

You can opt for semi-permanent hair colors as they fade off in 8 to 10 washes. Mix Moehair Aura Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Paint with Moehair Clear Paint to create an amethyst shade.

Q3. How long does the amethyst hair dye last?

Permanent hair colors depend on overall maintenance and hair type. Preserving and fade-proofing amethyst hair color requires maintenance to prolong its stay. Read the maintenance tips above to learn more.

Q4. What kind of amethyst hair color can I use?

You can try either semi-permanent or permanent hair color. For a stunning shade, try 10 VGA Violet Gold Amethyst Hair Color.


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