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Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas in 2024

Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas

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Warm blondes have captivated the eye of hair coloring enthusiasts for a long time. Golden, caramel, or honey blonde hair colors have lived its moment, but now is the time to acquaint with cool-toned blondes. Be enticed by the fall and hook on a makeover that's edgy, elegant, and sheer bliss to your style. Veering away from the regular blondes, try ash blonde hair color- an aesthetically pleasing hue with undertones of gray and white.


The flattering shade with a mix of gray, silver, and ashy-colored tint is a definite stay for 2024. Let's talk more about trending ash blonde color ideas.

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Ash Blonde Hair Color – Tones and Undertones

Unlike the popular warm blondes, the ash blonde hair dye lies on the opposite end of the color spectrum. With hints of gray, violet, silver, and blue tinge, ash blonde falls under the cool-toned color. Like the moody grays of winter and balmy evenings of summer, the ashy blonde brings you a pleasing and subtle makeover.

Ash blonde color compliments every skin tone, but accessorizes gorgeously for individuals with bluish or pinkish undertones. As the ash or gray color leaves a slight silver touch, it removes brassy tones like red, copper, and yellow. The color leaves a veil of stunning gray, varying from darker silver-gray to white.

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Trending Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas

The elegance of ash blonde is accentuated with the right hairstyle and coloring technique. Here are a few inspirations to try for 2024:

Ash blonde with undertones of gray


While ash blonde has a gray tint or undertone, adding darker shades of gray further enhances the style. The mix of both colors creates a stunning effect and a mellow contrast. While it gives the vibe of platinum blonde at first glance, a close look makes the darker gray tones prominent. Create a beautiful gradient by adding dark gray as a base layer and top it up with ash blonde balayage or highlights. It looks great on messy and loose waves.

Buttery ash blonde


The classic combination of buttery and ash blondes bestows an ashy color mixed with subtle warm hues. Make the best cocktail of warm and cool tones as the warm buttery blonde highlights effortlessly blend with cool ash blonde. Flaunt your glorious sun-kissed hair and wear on your vacation mode. You can alternatively opt for a butter blonde from roots till mid-length with ash blonde balayage towards the end.

Dark roots ash blonde


Another gorgeous combination is the ash blonde hair color with dark-colored roots. This balances out the cool-toned color and enhances the blonde highlights. The darker roots, which are light black or dark brown, add depth and offer seamless styling. From mid-length towards the end, add contrast using ash blonde silver shade and flaunt your fabulous hair. It's a stunning duo of color that looks gorgeous on beach waves, loose curls, and even on layered hair.

Smoky Ash Blonde


We all have heard of smoky eyes, and they're kind of attractive and tempting. Why not try the smoke hair color effect this time and maybe team it with a smoky eye shadow. The best way to create a smoky effect is to use black or dark brown towards the roots. Use light ash blonde hair color with gray highlights or undertones along the hair length. The smoky style looks stunning with big and loose curls.

Ash Blonde Shadow Root


Opting for balayage, ombre, or root melt with ash blonde is common, but never tried shadow root? As the name suggests, a darker shade like black or brown is used around the root. This makes the root darker as compared to the rest of the hair. This creates a shadow effect as only the hair close to the roots is dark, while ash blonde flows through the rest of the length. To create a beautiful medley, try light golden for the ends.

Icy white ash blondes


muted shades are trending lately and give out a graceful persona. instead of going all white, try a super light ash blonde hair color that's the right amount of pale and muted. definitely, one of the coolest shades that's a striking mix of platinum, silver, and frost color. try icy ash blonde and balayage, a perfect match for your waves. often, with stronger undertones of white and violet, the color gives a strong silver appearance with a glaze and shimmer.

Tips on maintaining your gorgeous ash blonde locks

love your ash blonde hair color transformation? it's time to protect the color and keep the tresses salon-fresh for a long time. here's how to do it:
  • Use color-safe products : Preserve ash blonde's freshness, shine, and cool tones using color-preserve and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. We recommend Moehair Color Alive Shampoo and Conditioner for regular use to maintain the cool blonde vibrancy.
  • Add a purple shampoo : These shampoos are specially formulated for tresses colored with cooler tones. Infused with purple pigments, it helps eliminate brassiness and neutralizes unwanted red, orange, or yellow tones. We recommend Moehair Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo for the same.
  • Use a deep conditioning mask : Add a hydrating and deep conditioning hair mask to your weekly haircare regime. Try Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for thoroughly conditioning the ash blonde colored hair.
  • Avoid over-styling : Protect your ash blonde hair color by limiting the use of heat styling tools. Heat dry out and damage hair, making the strands vulnerable to external aggressors. Make sure to use heat protectant spray before using the flat iron or curling tools. We recommend using Moehair Thermal Shield Spray before using heat.
  • Root touch-ups : As the new hair grows, it creates an unflattering gradient. Also, to keep your hair salon-fresh and ensure the root color is in sync with the overall shade, prioritize getting root touch-ups at regular intervals. Try Moehair Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Color Range for coloring and root touch-ups.

The popularity of ash blonde hair dye stems from celebrities and influencers flaunting their gray-white tones. Undoubtedly, it will likely be a color of the year amongst hair coloring enthusiasts. Before getting the hair color, it is best to seek professional consultation and find the best shade, style, and technique for your perfect match.


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