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  3. Rose Gold Hair Trend – Ideas, Formulas, and All You Need to Know
Rose Gold Hair Trend – Ideas, Formulas, and All You Need to Know

Rose Gold Hair Trend – Ideas, Formulas, and All You Need to Know

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Pretty hair colors never lose the spotlight, and rose gold is surely one of them. It’s a shade somewhere between pink and blonde. From watch brands introducing rose gold variants to the sweet-looking hue ruling our wardrobes, it has now brewed its magic even in hair color formulations. Rose gold highlights work on almost all hair types. Anybody and everybody can pull off this trend with metallic shimmer brightening the soft pink notes. It complements various skin tones, with a cooler pink tint beautifully blended with a warmer blonde. It is easily achievable at home using Moehair 10RG Rose Gold Hair Color.


Simply put, it’s an undeniable way to go pink! Celebrity colorist Aura Friedman told TeenVogue, “When you add pink to a golden tone, it brings this interesting combination of cool and warm tones—at the same time. It works on a wide range of people. Plus, pink gives an automatic flush.” Whether you are inspired by Emma Roberts’ dark rose gold hair or can’t get over pastel shades, it’s time to experiment and reveal your ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-them’ style.

Rose Gold Hair Ideas

Also known as the golden strawberry blonde hue, the rose gold hair can be styled in bountiful ways, complementing your unique style. With a touch of apricot, a hint of gleaming blonde, and an unbeatable shimmer, get a demure hair makeover as you explore our top picks.

Rose Gold Ombre


Look mesmerizing with rose gold becoming more pronounced towards the tips of your strands. Ombre offers a stunning gradient-like finish with cool tones of pink merging with warm tones of golden brown. Dark rose gold hair with ombre effects using subtle pinkish shades looks attractive and calming yet radiant.

Rosy Golden-Bronze


Add some oomph and fun to your daily office look with the dusty bronze. It transforms your old and tired tresses into something enticing. The rose-ish golden has been one of the most trendy hairstyles of all time, thanks to its face-contouring effect. Chase your favorite pastel tints while rooting for the head-turning brunette in you with this classy fusion.

Dark Rose Gold


If you have warm-toned olive skin, dark rose gold hair is your call. Be the belle you’ve been taking inspiration from, and play with medium to dark brown base shades. The alliance of dark brunette and rosy pink brightens the complexion and instantly turns on the happy-hair mode. Break up with solid crimson and follow the footsteps of highlights and ombre with sober blush-like tints.

Shimmering Apricot


The apricot hue gives a glinting appearance to your crown, making it both alluring and hot at the same time. Unlike dark rose gold hair, it is a low-maintenance style that looks brilliant even without root touch-ups. Peachy tint woven throughout your tresses fades beautifully and embraces the mane's natural texture.

Hot Pink Lemonade


Get drop-dead gorgeous hair effortlessly with the most aesthetic hair color inspired by nostalgic summer refreshments. Quench your thirst with hot pink lemonade hues on your strands.Moehair’s Rose Gold Hair Dye gives a sugary transformation and lasts for a long time.

Rose Gold Money Pieces


Simple rose money pieces on brown strands look like a dream come true. It is one of the best options to revamp your auburn or copper hair. A few light or dark-colored tresses in the front covering the face enhance its characteristics. Be your own colorist and give it a shot with temporary hair paints.

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Get Rose Gold Hair – 3 Simple Steps

Now is the perfect time to opt for rose gold highlights and get the dreamiest hair makeover ever. Don’t fret if you are new to the process. We are here to help you with these easy steps to achieve rose gold hair at home.

  1. PREPARE — Whether you like light or dark rose gold hair, it is best to prepare your mane for color treatment. The prep work includes washing the mane with Moehair Clarifying Shampoo to remove buildup. Take an adequate amount of shampoo on your palm and apply it to your hair. Lather into the nape of your neck and gently massage on the scalp. Rinse off with cold or lukewarm water.
  2. BLEACH — First things first, you don’t need to do this step if you already have nearly the same base tone. For instance, it isn’t required if you are switching from medium brunette to dark rose gold hair. Bleaching or pre-lightening is important for people looking for a drastic color change. In such cases, apply a home-use bleach as per instructions on the package. Perform a strand test or seek advice from an experienced hairstylist before using a new product.
  3. COLOR — Indulge in the goodness of 10RG Rose Gold Hair Color and color your tresses without compromising their health and texture. Our range of permanent hair dyes is easy to use at home. If you are looking for a non-commital experience, try our temporary hair paints.

Maintaining Rose Gold Hair

The real story starts here. Once you’ve achieved your dream rose gold hair, it might feel awful to see it fading. We’ve chased hairstylists and color experts across the globe to reveal their secret sauce, exclusively for you. Maintaining rose brown hair color is now a cakewalk with the following tips.

  • SULFATE-FREE HAIRCARE — Choose color-safe hair care products for your freshly colored mane to prevent damage and dullness. Moehair’s sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner preserve your hair's natural texture and characteristics.
  • COLOR-DEPOSITING SHAMPOO — Use a color-depositing shampoo or hair toner to eliminate unwanted tones and add shine to your colored hair. It helps remove brassiness and keeps the color fresh for longer.
  • SAY NO TO HEAT— Ditch heat styling! Also, do not wash your hair with warm water. Extreme heat can have an impulsive effect on your mane, leading to color fading.
  • DEEP CONDITIONING MASK — Invest in a rejuvenating hair mask once a week. It provides much-needed nourishment to the mane and helps secure the strands, easing styling and manageability of colored hair.
  • ROOT TOUCH-UPS — If you’ve colored your hair at home, root touch-ups are no big deal. Whenever you see newly grown roots ruining your princess look, coat them with permanent hair dye. However, it is best to book a salon appointment if you are unsure about the color saturation.


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Ans- All skin tones complement rose brown hair color. It is a versatile color that offers bountiful shades and styles to choose from.