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Moehair Professional Hair Color Range

Moehair Professional Hair Color Range

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Hair colors are not just paints for your strands – it’s a way to express art and been a part of pop culture for over a decade. Gone are the days when the mood boards floated with only blonde, brown, black, or red. Over time, the colors have evolved into a palette of motley shades, each with its darkest to lightest variations. Moehair is a part of the growing hair color industry, estimated to grow at 5.7% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

The salon-grade professional permanent hair colors last longer and are safer as compared to the over-the-counter box colors. As told to Mind Body Green by hair colorist Christine Thompson, co-founder of Spoke & Weal salon, "The hardest part of hair color is the balance between limiting the problematic chemicals and still making sure it's effective." Professional hair colors have low toxic ingredients compared to box dyes. Moehair hair colors bring the best balance with the finest ingredients, low ammonia content, and rich pigment deposit. Read on to learn more about the permanent color range and how there is a match for every hair type.

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All about Moehair Professional Hair Color Range

Moehair has over 90+ permanent crème hair colors with varying shades. The spectrum range includes warm-toned, neutral, and cool-toned shades, customizing the options for different hair types and skintones. The permanent colors, infused with rich pigments, are mixed with developers before coloring hair. Here's why you should try Moehair salon hair dyes:

Rich and lasting pigments

The double-pigmented salon hair colors leave the hair vibrantly colored. The pigments are absorbed and locked in the hair cuticles for salon-fresh results. By mixing the color with the developer, it enables intense color absorption for all hair types.

Blend of superior ingredients


The permanent hair color range is an exclusive line formulated especially for expert salon professionals. Here are a few potent and hair-enriching ingredients that make the colors stand out:

  • Keratin – It's one of the hero ingredients that makes the color promising and safe for use. As the color is enriched with keratin protein, it strengthens hair after coloring and reduces damage.
  • Ceramide – It's a nourishing lipid molecule that creates a protective barrier around the hair strand. This prevents the drying of strands and maintains optimal moisture levels.
  • Natural Oils – Moehair professional hair color is enriched with argan, macadamia, and cotton. Argan oil is abundant in Vitamin E, which has anti-aging properties and repairs damaged strands. Macadamia oil contains antioxidants and vitamins that tame frizz, add shine, and hydrate hair. Additionally, cotton seed oil moisturizes hair.
  • Sericin – Also known as silk proteins, adds smoothness and strengthens hair strands from its roots.
  • Aloe Vera – One of the most hydrating ingredients of all, aloe vera is known for intensely hydrating and nourishing hair.

Multiple shades of colors

Moehair prides itself on offering 90+ shades ranging from warm to cool tones of color spectrum. You will find what you need, no matter what your color choice is – from black, brown, blonde, platinum, or auburn.

Types_of_Color_Tones Warm-Toned Hair Colors

Warm colors fall in the family of red, orange, and yellow or a combination of similar colors. Golden blonde, caramel, auburn, amber, golden brown, ginger red, copper, etc., are some warm tone shades. You can try Moehair 5N@RV Light Mahogany Brown, 9G Very Light Golden Blonde, or 8KG Light Copper Golden Blonde Colors in the light variation. If you are looking for darker, warm shades, try 7KA Hazelnut, 6KG Dark Copper Golden Brown, 7KK Deep Copper Blonde, or 6RR Dark Intense Red Blonde.

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Neutral-Toned Hair Colors

The neutral-toned hair color is akin to the color of the beach sand and leans towards beige, cream, or nude colors. Ash brown, dark blonde, light brown, light blonde, beige blonde, etc., fall in the neutral color spectrum. Try 5AA Light Deep Ash Brown, 10N Ultra Light Blonde, 11GA Very Light Beige Extra Blonde, or 3N Dark Brown Hair Color.

Cool-Toned Hair Color

The cool-toned color spectrum primarily leans towards blue, green, purple, silver, etc. The trending colors leaning towards the cooler tone include platinum blonde, ash blonde, pearly blonde, champagne blonde, violet blonde silver, etc. You can try 7AA Deep Ash Blonde, 8AA Light Deep Ash Blonde, 8VV Light Blonde Pearl, 6AA Dark Deep Ash Blonde hair color, etc.

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Note: The permanent color range is a part of the professional hair colors. You can check the entire range of permanent coloring creams.

Easy to apply and intermixable

Apart from the ingredients and rich pigments, the consistency of Moehair permanent color range is also a huge benefit. The creamy texture and non-drippy formulation make the application process convenient. One of the most significant advantages is that the permanent color range is intermixable. You can mix different Moehair salon hair colors to create your custom shade.

Why choose salon hair dyes over over-the-counter or box colors?

While it's tempting to buy a box color from your neighboring shop or next-door drugstore, it might compromise your hair health. Visiting a salon and getting a professional hair color done for the lasting vibrancy that remains fade-proof is always advised. Here's why

  • One size and type is not meant for all – Box colors available in stores have limited options, majorly in a few shades of blonde, brown, magenta, copper, or red. However, when it comes to salon hair colors, there are much more diverse shades. Even a single color ranges from its deepest to the lightest shade.
  • Use of safe ingredients – Box colors usually have a high amount of ammonia that damages and dries out hair after coloring. Moehair permanent hair color range has low ammonia content. Hence, it allows the color to penetrate deep without damaging strands.
  • Right advice based on hair – The impact of hair color depends on various factors, including porosity, density, and elasticity. Professional, licensed hairstylists use the appropriate developer in the correct ratio to ensure lasting color penetration into the cuticles. Also, depending on hair type, the hair colorist decides whether prior bleaching is needed.
  • Easy and uniform application – Using a box color and going the DIY way might not give the needed result. No matter how many mirrors you put across, you might still miss bits and parts of your hair. Book a salon appointment to avoid a sloppy coloring job.
  • Improves formulation – The professional hair color range by Moehair comes with an improved formula, including keratin infusion and low-ammonia content. The quality of the color is much more important than the quantity.
  • Get your favorite celebrity-inspired look – Celebrities spend a fortune on their haircare and color. But you don't need to and yet flaunt your freshly-colored celebrity-like hairstyle. The easiest way to get those colorful locks is by visiting a professional and getting your hair colored using salon hair dye.
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Try Moehair professional-grade hair colors for a vivacious coloring experience while keeping your strands strong and healthy.


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