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Money Piece Hair Highlight: What it is and why is it so popular?

Money Piece Hair Highlight: What it is and why is it so popular?

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If you want to hop on a new hair color trend, the money piece highlights are for you. This low-maintenance hairstyle transforms your look (in a good way) and frames the face, popping out its features. Worn by stars like Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Geri Halliwell, money piece hair is characterized by light-colored strands around the hairline. It is also known as face-framing highlights.

A colorist at Windle London, Natalia Romaniuc, told Allure — “Money piece highlights are a fuss-free way to change up your look without having to touch the whole head. It's all about face-framing and contouring the hair.” The money piece hair highlight looks flattering when the shade is two to three shades lighter than the rest of the mane and is of the same color family. Perfect for fans of no-fuss color, it is pretty similar to hand-painted balayage from root to tip.

The popularity of money piece hair

The money piece hair has been rocked by celebrities worldwide. It has gained popularity because of its versatile nature and low-cost maintenance. It is easily achievable on all hair types, colors, and textures. The awe-inspiring style accentuates the base color of your hair and peps up your facial characteristics without any drastic transformation. With quick service and economical upkeep, the lighter streaks around the face give a luxurious finish.

The trend is perfect for both beginners and risk-takers, as you can explore lighter and darker hues or go balayage with popping red, yellow, purple, and green shades. And to your surprise, the money piece hair is a '90s trend that made a comeback, featuring the utterly beautiful look of Jennifer Aniston (Rachel of Friends). Its name is often justified by the cost-effective and time-saving process and, sometimes, by the million-dollar look it gives.

How to get money piece hair highlights


Visiting a salon for long-lasting hair transformation is always a good idea. However, if you are unsure about the new trend or want to try different shades before sticking to one, don’t fret. Ample options are available, including Moehair Semi-Permanent Voodoo Colors. These temporary hair paints are vegan, intermixable, and safe for frequent use. Ideal for hand-painting, these colors have a non-drippy and creamy texture. Follow the steps below to get money piece hair at home.

  1. Section your hair and separate the part framing your face. Clip the rest of the strands to the back of your head.
  2. Apply the color mixture as per the directions mentioned on the package. If you’re using Moehair temporary hair paints, you can even mix two colors of your choice from the Voodoo range to achieve the desired shade.
  3. Let the color work its magic, then rinse your hair with water until it feels clean and the water runs clear.

Maintenance and care

Don’t hold yourself back from staying on top of the trends, especially when they are super easy to follow. Once you get the desired outcome, take good care of your tresses and flaunt for as long as you like. Consider the following hair care tips that can help you keep your money piece hair intact and glamorous.

  • Use color-safe products — Choose your hair care companion wisely. Your regular shampoo, conditioner, mask, and serum may be gentle on your hair but not on those lustrous hues. Opt for sulfate-free, color-safe products to ensure proper upkeep of your freshly colored strands.
  • Don’t shampoo too often — Over-shampooing your hair can lead to color fading as well as deterioration of hair texture. It can also make your mane dry and frizzy. Thus, it is recommended to skip washing your hair with shampoo daily and look out for color-safe DIY cleansing options.
  • Apply heat protectant spray — Your money piece hair is susceptible to heat damage caused by hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons. Use Moehair Heat Protectant Spray to add a defensive layer between your color-treated tresses and styling tools.

Top color combos for money piece hair

Freshen up your look and take advantage of bespoke face framing with your favorite hues in this trendy style. The money piece hair highlight lets you upgrade your hair color without actually transforming the base color.

Bright yellow and dark blonde


The blend of these warm tones will leave your hair and face with beautiful dimensions. Whether it’s your naturally blonde hair or light-toned highlights, team up with sunny yellow, which complements your facial features.

Light and dark shades of pink


Ombre of light and dark pink shades gives a fresh, glossy appearance, visibly brightening your face. Fair, cool complexions work well with this duo for money piece hair. From flamingo pink, orchid, and fuchsia to the all-time favorite summer pink, it’s better to take a risk than feel the fear of missing out.

Blue and black


Invest in the spectrum of cooler tones and add a major pop to your natural black hair. Blue color neutralizes your warm skin tones and contours the hair beautifully. Explore the shades of cobalt, turquoise, and royal blue to make your tresses shine every season.

Red and brown


Indulge in the beauty of money piece hair with carmine red and coffee hues. Opt for some coppery red tints if you have warm skin undertones and light eyes. Cooler undertones resonate more with plum red.

Burgundy and black


A rich, deep shade of burgundy complements jet black hair like no other color. The ombre looks gorgeous in sunlight and is perfect for almost all skin tones. With the fusion of burgundy and black, you can add dimension to your strands without compromising the texture.


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Ans- Money piece hair highlights are definitely in trend in 2024 and expected to continue beyond, thanks to their economical upkeep and versatility.