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Keratin Treatment Cost – All You Need to Know

Keratin Treatment Cost in USA

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The popular de-frizzing hair therapy has gained quite a reputation. With its ability to transform hair, keratin hair treatment has carved a name for itself. The infused keratin in the formulation replenishes lost hair protein, further strengthening hair and improving manageability. However, the hair keratin treatment price is slightly heavier on the pocket, so being informed about the same is essential.

The blog focuses on stitching all information about keratin therapy and the associated costs for your convenience. So, all you gorgeous people – read the blog to learn about treatment, costs, aftercare, and long-term maintenance of keratin-treated hair.

What is keratin treatment, and how long does it last?

Keratin treatment is the savior for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Keratin is a natural protein present in hair that strengthens the strands. Exposure to numerous external conditions like dust, dirt, sunlight, styling products, pollution, etc., depletes the proteins and creates gaps or holes in the hair strand. As the hair shaft lifts, hair is prone to humidity and is the primary cause of frizz. Applying keratin replenishes the proteins and fills those gaps, ultimately helping in eliminating frizz, taming flyaways, and straightening hair. Professional keratin treatment lasts for 3 to 5 months, depending on aftercare.

What affects the hair keratin treatment price?

The overall cost of keratin hair treatment depends on numerous factors. Factors like salon popularity, location, and hair length are dominant factors that influence the cost. Here is what makes the difference:

  • Salon Reputation - The keratin treatment costs more at high-end famous salons and lower at smaller regional salons.
  • Location - The keratin treatment price also varies depending on the location. Salons in a posh and upscale locality or neighborhood charge more than salon set-ups in less expensive places.
  • Product Used – The pricing difference is also influenced by the keratin treatment brand used. The brand, formulation, and application procedure vary in cost.
  • Hair Length – As longer hair requires more time and product for the treatment, the cost is higher than the price for shorter hair.
  • Stylist Expertise – Getting keratin treatment done by a highly skilled stylist is expensive. However, less experienced stylish conduct the same for a lesser price.

What is the average cost of keratin treatment in 2024?

The keratin treatment cost depends on numerous factors like thickness, length of hair, and locality or place. Often, the treatment usually ranges from $80 to $600. Some salons or stylists charge even higher or lower depending on the salon's expertise and opulence. At-home keratin therapy is less expensive as compared to salon-finish treatments.

As per surveys and reports, New Hampshire was found to have an average appointment cost of $400 for keratin treatment. Utah ranked last at an average cost of $82. The keratin treatment ranges from $150 to $400 across New York City. However, in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, etc., the average cost is slightly on the lower band, ranging from $85 to $200. Research the prices before booking an appointment.

Cost difference between keratin and other hair treatment

keratin_vs_other_treatments_costs keratin_vs_other_treatments_costs-1

There are numerous hair treatments to achieve smooth, luscious, and frizz-free hair. Keratin treatment is temporary, while chemical straightening treatment lasts longer. Hair botox and cysteine treatments are also currently riding along the tide to top the new treatments.

Here’s how each of the, vary as well as the average difference in keratin treatment price

Keratin treatment in salon vs. home – Price difference

The keratin treatment price in salon is higher than at-home treatment, which is no surprise. The salon and home treatments work on straightening, smoothening, and reducing frizz. As salon treatments involve professionals working on the process from start to end, the cost ranges from $80 - $600 or more.

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On the other hand, home treatments are usually DIY processes and less expensive than salon treatments. As it simply involves the cost of just the kit, the treatment ranges from $50 - $200, depending on the brand and product type. Salon treatments are elaborate and take longer than at-home keratin treatments.


Benefits of visiting a salon for keratin treatment

While DIY keratin or at-home keratin use might feel tempting (of course, who doesn’t want to save money), it is always recommended to get salon-grade keratin treatment. Here are some benefits worth consideration:

  • Process expertise – The professional hairstylist has the proper knowledge and is trained in performing the keratin treatment with utmost precision. Also, the expertise helps determine the best type of treatment as per one’s hair type and texture.
  • Step-by-step application – The Keratin application is a multi-step process requiring following all the steps for the appropriate amount of time. Experts ensure even application and heat sealing at the right temperature. As time is tracked throughout, it prevents hair damage.
  • Use of salon-grade products – Salons care for their reputation and hence use high-quality products. This provides optimal results in smoothening, straightening, and de-frizzing hair. Also, the use of professional experts provides excellent results.
  • Aftercare guidance – As the salons have the proper product knowledge, the professionals also guide and advise on the appropriate aftercare. This includes using the right products and overall care for maintaining hair health.

Keratin Treatment – What to expect during the process?

Getting a salon keratin treatment is time-consuming and might take 3 to 4 hours. Here’s what to expect during the process:

  • Professional consultation - The first step towards getting keratin therapy is consulting with the stylist. Consulting helps get the appropriate treatment per hair type, texture, and overall goals.
  • Hair washing – Applying keratin on clean and washed hair is crucial. A clarifying shampoo helps remove product build up and deeply cleans hair and scalp.
  • Product application – The keratin product is applied to hair by a hairdresser. This is followed by combing, even distribution, and waiting for up to 30 minutes or as per the instructions.
  • Heat sealing – Once the keratin formula is allowed to dry, it is blow-dried, followed by flat ironing. This seals the formula to the hair strand.
  • Washing – The keratin application process is complete post-heat sealing. It is recommended to wait up to 72 hours before washing hair to ensure maximum treatment efficiency.
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Keratin aftercare – How to make it last longer?

As keratin treatment costs are higher, focusing on proper aftercare is also necessary. Here’s how you ensure its effect lasts for a longer time:

  • Use appropriate shampoo – Use sulfate-free shampoo that is suitable for keratin-treated hair. Gentle shampoos infused with natural oils and safe ingredients keep the frizz-free and soft hair longer.
  • Deep conditioning mask – It is recommended to use a deep conditioning and nourishing hair mask once a week. This delivers ultimate hydration and strengthens the tresses.
  • Add heat protectant spray – Avoid using excessive styling products or heat styling as it damages and dries out hair. However, before using styling tools like flat iron or curler, protect hair by spraying heat protectant.
  • Maintain a healthy diet – Besides using the right products, a wholesome diet is crucial. Include food rich in omega-rich fatty acids to boost hair health. Also, make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Protect against external factors – Avoid stepping out under direct and harsh sunlight without wearing a sun hat or scarf. Always wear a swimming cap to avoid direct chlorine contact in the pools.

Hair keratin treatment prices differ based on numerous factors, so it is best to consult the salon beforehand. Trying DIY keratin treatments at home has become common, yet despite their cost-effectiveness, they rarely provide salon-grade finishing. For long-lasting effects, getting keratin professionally is a better option.


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