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Guide to Complementing Ash Blonde Hair Color to Skin Tone and Makeup

Guide to Complementing Ash Blonde Hair Color to Skin Tone and Makeup

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The hair color mood boards are lately splurging on chic and elegant undertones. Across the spectrum, the blonde hair colors have shifted from warmer to cooler tones. Speaking of the cool-toned blondes, ash blonde hair is reigning at the moment. With subtle hints of blue, gray, and violet, – ash blonde complements every skin tone while exuding an aura of sophistication.

Ash-blonde belongs to cool-toned hues dominated by the undertones of gray and white (picture color of ash but more like the sun-kissed silvery glazed version). Ranging from platinum white to dark gray blonde, the range is diverse. While ash blonde complements most skin tones, it's a match made in heaven for people with cool-toned skin– blue, purple, or pink undertones.

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Anatomy of Ash Blonde Hair Color

Women with ash blonde hair color

With its cool-toned shade and dark hues, the ash blonde hair color falls on the color scale opposite the warm tones. Unlike warm blondes like golden or caramel, which gives a yellowish or sun-kissed hue, ash blonde lends a striking yet fresh contrast against cool undertones. Varying from light to dark ash blonde, the color adds a silvery and shiny tone to the tresses.

The ash blonde color has a flattering range of undertones with shades of gray, green, blue, and violet. As it falls in the cool blonde hair color category, the dominant undertone is gray and blue. It leans towards silver or platinum hair without brassy tones like red, copper, or yellow. If you opt for ash blonde, it is best to consider how it looks under natural light. The incandescence from white or salon lights enhances the cooler tones, while the ash blonde hue is slightly muted under sunlight.

How Does Ash Blonde Color Complement Different Skin Tones?

complimenting ash blonde with skin color

Different variations of ash blonde color pair up with one's skin tone. Combining skin tone and undertone is the determining factor for choosing the appropriate color. More than the skin tone, it is the undertone that makes the difference. The flattering ash-blonde shades look stunning on people with cool undertones - think of bluish to pinkish hues.

Pro Tip : If your veins look greenish, you may have a warm undertone, while bluish or purplish veins indicate cooler undertones.

For fair skin

The ash blonde hair for fair skin with cooler undertones makes a great combination. The cool tone does not create a harsh contrast and enhances the complexion.. With brighter tones and a shiny silver cast, the white ash blonde color looks great on fair skin. The icy hues of the cool blonde shades neutralize redness and work seamlessly, especially for people with gray or blue eyes.

For medium skin

Pearl ash shade complements well with medium-toned skin. The cast of shimmery and luminescent shade with a sliver of platinum hue brings out the skin complexion. The ash blonde root melt also looks edge on medium-toned skin color. This style color the locks in dark gray towards the root, gradually transitioning into a brighter shade of ash blonde towards the end.

For dark skin

The ash blonde color for dark skin with both cool and warm undertone looks striking. However, it does require maintenance to prevent the color from fading. Make a purple shampoo your companion to neutralize the yellow or brassy tones. Silver or gray eyeshadow with a dash of pink lip color complements well with the hair color.

Makeup complementing ash blonde hair color

The choice of makeup depends on numerous factors like skin tone, undertone, and eye color. Here are some makeup ideas that tag along well with ash blonde color.
  • Depending on eye color – Try navy blue or charcoal eyeshadow for blue eyes. Opt for grayish taupe or plum eyeshadow for brown eyes. Try light brown to olive eyeshadow for green eyes to accentuate the color.
  • Lip color – Choose a color that elevates your skin tone with the ash blonde hair color. Apricot peach or pink lipstick complements well with a cool-toned hair shade. You can also try wine shades for medium-toned skin color.
  • Foundation – Pick a foundation that suits your skin tone and undertone. A shade lighter or darker might not be ideal. Do a swatch test before investing in a foundation. A little dab of highlighter looks great with ash blonde locks.

Trending Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Ash blonde hair color ideas Ash-blonde falls under the cool hair spectrum that primarily complements cool skin undertones. If you have a pale to fair complexion with a cool undertone, flaunt your ash blonde hair without a second thought. Here are a few coloring ideas you can choose from.

Silver Ash Blonde

Transform your blonde hair with a silver tinge with this shade. The color is a blend of pale blonde with hues of silver that leave your hair with a metallic shimmer. With the cool-toned ombré or balayage, elevate your appearance and add elegance to your look.

Ash blonde hair balayage

The hand-painted balayage technique creates a blended appearance with silver, gray, or brown hues. Try cool-toned balayage with ash undertones for a softer and natural-looking hair. It complements well for people with medium to dark skin tones.

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Ash-blonde bob

Bob haircut with a layered texture paired with ash blonde hair color channels a classy, elegant, and chic appearance. Consider going for either beach waves or a straight bob haircut with cool hues. A root-blended balayage with darker roots and softer ash-blonde ends is in trend.

Ashy Blonde with tinted highlight

Try the contrasting shades of ash blonde and caramel for a wholesome hair transformation. Don't just limit to caramel when you can add a tint of rose gold to create muted rose gold and silver hair highlights. You can also go for blue or purple tints.

Platinum ash-blonde

It gives a gorgeous icy effect with a gray undertone than a pinkish undertone in an ash blonde shade. It's a light shade of blonde with an elegant, shiny, silver-whitish finish. It is a perfect match for someone with light skin and a cool undertone.

Long-Term Maintenance of Ash Blonde Hair

Elegant and timeless, ash blonde paints your locks in stunning shades of silver, gray, and platinum with tints of blue and purple. Preserve the color by following the ash blonde hair care tips:

Always opt for color-safe hair products

Use color-protect hair products to preserve the ash-blonde vibrancy and keep it salon-fresh. Opt for color preserve shampoo, conditioner, and a weekly conditioning hair mask for deep nourishment. The products are formulated to prevent the color from fading and strengthen weak hair bonds.

We recommend using Moehair Color Alive Shampoo and Moehair Color Alive Conditioner to keep the color shining and vibrant.

Use Purple or Silver Shampoo and Conditioner Weekly

The purple shampoo is infused with violet pigments and is formulated to maintain cooler toned hair color. These pigmented shampoos neutralize unwanted brassy hues of yellow or orange and revive the ash blonde hair color .

We recommend using Moehair Color Vibrant Silver Shampoo, which covers unflattering brassy tints and prevents cooler tones from fading. Also, add Moehair Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Mask to your weekly hair care routine to avoid brassiness and to hydrate the strands.

Limit exposure to heat and styling

Exposure to sun, UV, and frequent use of heat styling tools often starts fading the hair color. High temperature can damage and dry your hair and cause premature fading of the hair color. Avoid frequent styling; if you do, do not forget to use heat protectant spray like Moehair Thermal Shield to protect hair.

Get Inspired – Celebrities Rocking Ash Blonde Hair Color

Celebrities with ash blonde Whether embracing unique hair colors or experimenting with new trends, you can often spot ash blonde color on your favorite celebrities. From Taylor Swift to Blake Lively to Kim Kardashian, the trendy color is flaunted by many. Here are some of our favorite celebrity ash blonde hair examples to get inspired from:

Kim Kardashian

Kim's Marilyn Monroe outfit coupled with platinum blonde hair, made her the brightest star at Met Gala 2022. From jaw-dropping pleats with dominant platinum and silver hues to beach waves with tints of purple, Kim Kardashian has never shied from flaunting her cool-toned blondes.

Lady Gaga

Iconic and timeless, Lady Gaga's platinum-colored, white-rooted hair has always been in vogue. As enigmatic as herself, the ash blonde shades have been a significant highlight in some of her videos, music tours, and live performances.

Jennifer Aniston

From the popular Rachel cut to cool-toned ashy highlights, whatever Aniston does creates a trend. With her cool undertone and light eyes, the color pops out her stunning face and accentuates her features.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Silver Lining Playbook star has never stepped back from experimenting with her hair and looks. She sported ash blonde rumpled wavy hair with red lipstick to keep her style casual yet chic.

Gwen Stefani

Lined eyes, bold red lipstick, and ash blonde or platinum hair in pony – that's flaunted by Stefani with perfection. Her pale complexion harmonizes with the blonde shade and accentuates her features with a dash of red lipstick.


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