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Blonde Hair

Reasons Why Blonde Hair Color is The Perfect Choice

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Summer is here, and it's time for those glorious locks to soak in shades of blonde. From golden highlights to sun-kissed honey-colored locks to  yellow blonde hair, savage your style with various blonde hues. It brings a fleeting change without the compulsion of wearing a drastic transformation. For all the right reasons, blonde is the most popular shade, and you must not shy away from trying it.

It is celebrity-approved! It's also a hit in all the popular salons and is loved by hairstylists. Whether you want to add a little oomph to your  natural blonde hair or cover the tresses with blonde highlights, there is a shade for everyone. Blonde hair color is every season's favorite, and here's why you must try it. 

Tons of Blonde Hair Color Ideas

There is no one-fit blonde color with a slew of versatile shades. The exciting permutation and variation in hues brew sufficient blonde hair color ideas to experiment. Be it soft natural tones, scintillating platinum blonde, ash blonde, or ivory blonde, you can never run out of blonde coloring ideas. Choosing the right color for your tone might require some work. 

Consider your skin's undertone while choosing the blonde color for your hair. If you lean towards the warmer side - opt for orange, yellow, or gold shade. On the contrary, you can also pick from purple or ash-blonde shades if you have a cool undertone. Considering the natural hair color is vital to get blonde highlights. Always use a blonde shade that complements your hair's natural color. 

  • For a light brown skin tone, consider blonde shades like ash blonde, or you might also consider platinum highlights.
  • For tawny or brownish-orange skin tones, shades like sunflower blonde or light golden blonde might be a good choice. 
  • For a warm skin tone, it is best to go for earthly blonde shades. You can opt for a light sandy blonde or golden blonde shade. 
  • For a fair skin tone, opt for a light shade that sits well with your  natural blonde hair.
  • For a tanned skin tone, a mix of light and dark hues enhance the overall look. Not only does it bring volume to your face and improve the frame.
  • For dark skin tones, opt for a brownish shade. Avoid contrasting shades as light colors or dominant  yellow blonde hair  gives a misfit impression.
  • Use a color-infused shampoo to remove brassiness and yellow undertones. 

Never out of trend

Blonde hair color is evergreen. Shades of blonde are crafted for everyone – from boomers to GenZ's, no one can shy away from experiencing the richness of gorgeous colors. With so many trends coming in and going, the trend of blonde colors is a forever one. From experiencing the regular golden or brown hues to unleashing your cool quotient with platinum shades, do what feels right and set in the trend. If you are confused with the hair color shade or coloring technique, speak to an expert hairdresser or hairstylist. 

Low Maintenance with Proper Care

Have you ever dreaded hair color aftercare? It takes extra care to keep the shine on and the tresses feeling soft and smooth. Blonde hair care is evergreen and requires fewer touch-ups to maintain the hues. Also, it is easy to style blonde hair using essential styling tools. Just using the right shampoo and conditioner helps in long-term care and maintenance of the hair. We recommend using Moehair Color Vibrant Blonde Shampoo and Moehair Color Alive Conditioner for optimum care and reduction of brassiness. 

Timeless hair color choice

Blonde hair has reigned since immemorial, and it will continue to stay put on the throne. The light shade or tone weaves a feminine appearance and bestows youthfulness. No matter the season or occasion, blonde hair will likely stay fashionable. Whether you are a connoisseur of messy buns or neat Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle from the 90's sitcom Friends, blonde hair is your go-to color. Blonde hair adapts to all trends and streams through every segment of fashion.

Easy on the styling part

There are multiple blonde shades you can try and endless styling options. Whether you love blonde highlights or paint the whole strands in blonde hair color, there is always a reason to look vibrant and stunning. The endless shades of blonde make way for bold indulgence in various colors, haircuts, and fresh styling. If you are not easy on styling, talk to a stylist and wear the best hairstyle and color that magnifies your personality. 

Great aftercare products

From stylists or hairdressers to your next-door salon, the blonde color is known to all. As the most dominant hair color option, the industry is rife with salon-grade and high-quality aftercare products. Colored hair demands attention and require camouflaging the undertones. Using the combination of the right shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, or serum effortlessly reduces the brassiness and prevents yellow, golden, or orange undertones. Numerous quality products are crafted for  natural blonde hair or colored blonde strands. 

Final Words

From bygone times to the 2023s and beyond, blonde hair color has carved permanency in the hair coloring space. The experimental shades of blue, green, pink, violet, or yellow are on the rise, but the blonde color is the old-school master that's never destined to leave. The minimal maintenance, many styling options, and ease of aftercare have helped the blonde color stay on the charts. Be a part of the ever-changing fashion and grab a makeover with a blonde shade; it's worth the change. 

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