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Top Hair Colors You Need to Flaunt in 2023!

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Brace yourself for a treat with  hair color trends echoing subtle to bold makeovers. As the summers slowly slip into the autumn rendezvous, we vouch for trendy hair colors that feel as fresh as twilight. Whether you want to stick to the classic blonde and  mahogany brown hair color or crave vivid hues of Barbie pink, there is something for everyone. 

Electric shades like blue, green, purple, and yellow are trending this season. Semi-permanent hair colors are a rage amongst the ones who love a quirky change and are tempted to play with pool of options. Balayage, ombre, highlights – pick what floats your boat, and embrace what matches your vibe. Go blonde or paint your strands in a rainbow; you are spoilt for choices. It’s time to level up your hair color game, and these are the hottest trends to try for 2023. 

Trending  Semi-Permanent Hair Color for 2023

Serenity Blue 

Be prepared to be a head-turner with the moody shades of blue and feel the royal in you rising. Give your Monday blues a gentle pat with a  temporary blue hair color, and let serenity take over with luscious strands splashed with blue hues. Try Moehair Voodoo Blue Semi Permanent Hair Color, crafted with vegan ingredients and free of harmful chemicals.

Emerald Green 

Be a crusader of the green movement and treat your stunning tresses to the shades of soft emerald green. Choose Moehair’s Voodoo hair paint range for  temporary green hair color and be one with nature, earth, and constellation. Be a green getter with soft highlights or turn your full hair green; the time is now to experiment and experience. 

Aura Purple 

If your vibe is luxe and regal, purple is your shade. Give your luscious mane a makeover with hues of lavender and orchid and embrace the cool undertone shade. Go bold and step out of your comfort zone with a  temporary purple hair color  that beautifully splashes along your hair length. The eggplant hues stay on for up to a couple of washes until you either fall in love with the shade or choose another color. Try Aura Purple Moehair Voodoo Semi Permanent Hair Paint. 

Copper Red

Red is not a new entrant, but it makes it to the list as it is classic and keeps the old-school charm intact. Paint your mane in plush and velvety  temporary red hair color. Red is the color of love, blood, romance, and so much more; there are endless reasons to try red at least once. Try the Venetian Red Copper from Moehair’s vegan semi-permanent hair paint range and unleash your feisty side. 

Pink Paradise 

Jump on the wagon of the ongoing Barbie trend and paint your color in an alluring shade of pastel pink. Step into Barbie world with soft pink and add sweetness to your look. Surrender to the world of romance and feel a little peachy this summer with unique shades ranging from soft pink, dusty pink, berry pink, or rose pink. Wear your rainbow with Pastel Pink Semi Permanent Hair Paint by Moehair, and it’s vegan.

Trending Permanent Hair Color for 2023 

Dark Golden Blonde

We will always vouch for blonde if you ask us for an evergreen color. This year, go for a  dark golden hair color  to sizzle under the sun and flaunt the warm, shiny highlights. If stepping out of comfort feels like a task and you love the locks in shades of caramel or cinnamon blonde, let your hairstylist paint your hair ombre or balayage this summer. The shade adds a soft shine, representing brown hair with highlights of warm undertones. Let the eternal sunshine glaze your hair with Moehair Dark Golden Blonde Hair Color.

Sandy Blonde

Let’s unveil the close cousin of golden blonde trending in 2023 – sandy blonde. The neutral shade is a fit for every skin tone. The perfect blend of bleach and golden blonde color gives the ultimate summer transformation to marvel upon. Go creative using  sandy blonde hair color  with dark roots, balayage highlights, or sandy blonde ombre – the summer sheen has room for all hair types. You can try Moehair Sandy Blonde Hair Color from normal to the very light range.

Mesmerizing Silver

The fabulous hair color tones are the most promising  summer hair color  trends. Not everyone can hit the right chord with silver tresses, but if you can – go for it and surprise yourself. Whether you are trying to cover the natural grays or are inspired to try a new look, shades like ash blonde, platinum blonde, or natural ash are your go-getter. Try the exciting range of Ash Blonde to Platinum Hair Colors from Moehair. Keep the silver shine intact with Moehair Color Infuse Silver .


Mahogany Majesty 

Stay with basic yet sizzle with  mahogany hair color, an all-season friendly hue that smoothly transitions your hair from summer through the earthly autumn notes. It’s a subtle way to go red while keeping the essence of the woods intact. A color that falls between red and brown is a luxe shade. Whether you go all mahogany or add pops of highlights, this color will never fail to trend. 

Final Words 

Every season brings a flurry of new trends – some recent and some inspired by eternal classics. The  new hair color trends  in 2023 are a mix of inspiring shades wrapped beautifully with evergreen hair hues. From the eye-catching electric shades to the renaissance of browns and blondes, it’s time to go crazy painting the hair. Semi-permanent hair colors are your go-to option if you want to experiment but don’t want a color to sit too long. Or else, for luscious long-term hair color, bet on the permanent hair color range. Don’t be afraid to try something new this year – life is too short to wear dull hair color, isn’t it?

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