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  3. What is Hair Mousse and How Can You Use it Effectively? 
What is Hair Mousse and How Can You Use it Effectively? 

What is Hair Mousse and How Can You Use it Effectively? 

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Remember, the 80's stunningly coiffured hair or the bold yet defined curls – charming, isn't it? You are in for a treat if you fancy those voluminous and bouncy curls. Let's make it official – Hair Mousse is back and here to stay. Jump on the wagon; we are taking you on a ride to the past to learn all about the hairdresser-approved Hair Mousse. 

It's easy to overlook the benefit of hair mousse when the shelves are rife with heaps of hair styling products. However, let's start with the foundation – what is hair mousse, and how it is a total hair styling game-changer when used effectively. 

What is Hair Mousse? 

Hair Mousse is a hair styling product with a lighter consistency than gel but with a foamy texture. The glory of yesteryear is back it's a product that breathes life into frizzy, curly, and difficult-to-manage hair. It holds the curls with sheer magnificence and adds texture, shine, and volume. The foam is lightweight that adds definition and volume heralding a statement hairstyle. Hair mousse aims to protect or style your hair while keeping the frizz in check. 

How to Use Hair Mousse Effectively? 

Sticky roots, product buildup, and greasy locks – that's how the 90s hair mousse is remembered. The modern-day mousse comes with better and safer formulations infused with natural ingredients like protein and oil. What's crucial is to know how to use hair mousse correctly and decode the formula that sits in with perfection with your hair type.

If using mousse has been a daunting task, we are here to debunk product stereotyping and help you use it the right way. Applying the product is a little tricky, but these steps will help:

Start with clean hair

Using hair mousse on unwashed hair is a big no. Always wash and clean your hair for the product to work its magic. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair, towel dry, and keep your hair a little damp before using the mousse. 

Note:  Avoid applying the mousse on soaking wet hair, as it will not be as effective. Squeeze your hair off the extra water or use a towel to plop your hair.

Use your fingers to start applying mousse

Pump out golf-ball size amount in your hand and use your fingers to start applying along the hair length from roots to ends. Depending on the length of your hair, you can take more of the product as required. 

Pro tip:  Divide your hair into sections and spread the foam from roots to ends. Use gentle strokes to apply the mousse to the crown of the head and massage the roots. Comb your hair to distribute the product evenly.

Blow dry and style your hair

After application, use either a diffuser or blow dryer to style your hair. If natural styling is your choice, let the mousse sit and simply allow your hair to air dry. Use your hairbrush and blow dryer to style the hair for a voluminous blowout. It's your arena to play and style the hair as your heart desires – bouncy curls, fluffy braids, twisting, high pony – go for it!

Use Hair Mousse Based on Your Hair Type

With the blast from the past and a reintroduction to our old acquaintance, we now know what a hair mousse is. However, there is a catch – not all hair is the same, and each type might vary in how mousse is used.

For curly hair 

Begin a relationship with hair mousse to style your curls and add definition. A diffuser is your best bet to control frizz and roll your coils the best way. If you are not mood to style, let your hair air dry for a natural curly pattern. Apply a little more to your roots to increase the volume at your crown and scrunch it upwards for gentle curls. 

For straight and fine hair

Turn your flat and straight hair from ordinary to stylish by adding a little volume – all thanks to the hair mousse. Use a mousse dollop and dryer to give an outward blowout for adding body, structure, and texture. 

For wavy hair

Give your loose and unruly waves a definition using hair mousse. Gently apply mousse along the hair length and scrunch it upwards – but not too much, or it might look like a bunch of springs (pun intended).

Is it safe to use hair mousse for styling hair?

Gone are the days when hair mousse held your hair rigid and left it greasy. The new-age formulations are revamped with safe and non-toxic formulations. Unlike 90's hair mousse that's sticky, the modern formulas are of a lighter consistency. However, giving your hair rest days is recommended to maintain hair quality. 

Expert Tip:  Let the hair mousse dry before using styling tools for better structure and volume.

Final Words 

Hair Mousse is hands down a versatile product that deserves a second chance. From styling hair to adding volume to curls to enhancing the texture, it's a holy grail product for long-lasting styling. Present-day formulations consist of nourishing ingredients that leave hair non-sticky and well-tamed for styling. Get a salon-ready hairstyle and be your own hairdresser at comfort of your home. The days of stiff hair, crunchy strands, and sticky product feel is gone. Scrunch and style with modern mousse and shine on love!

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