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A Guide To Hair Toner

A Guide To Hair Toner

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Have you heard of a hair toner? If you haven’t, you are not alone! It's one of those hair care products that lived under the shadow for a long, but it's time to pop it up. Attention to all hair color aficionados - you got a new BFF.

A hair toner is a demi-permanent hair product that helps you personalize your hair color or keep your blondes in tone. And that's just the jist. This blog will discuss everything you need to know about a hair toner.

What is a hair toner?

Hair toners need to be clarified! To break it even, toners work on pre-colored hair to neutralize the brassy and warm undertones or add pigments to enhance the colored hues. Hair toners accentuate your hairstyle and prepare you to flaunt your gorgeous tresses.

Toners can also be described as the top coat for your hair - magnifying or undertoning the existing colored pigments. Personalize the hair color by picking the proper toner. Purple hair toners on blonde hair cancel the brassiness, while warmer toner shades give a coppery overtone. Toners can also be used as highlighters.

How do they work?

Hair Toners deposit color on the locks by counteracting warm tones or adding subtle color to create a specific shade. They are available in different forms; some hair toners are creamy in texture, whereas others might be liquid or gel. Hair toners work on pre-lighted or colored hairs. The color corrector chart helps choose the suitable toners depending on the existing color of your hair. An ash toner is the best choice to cancel out brassy orange tones. For lighter highlights, a purple toner is more appropriate.

They are mixed with a developer or activator before application.

DISCLAIMER- Hair toners are not recommended at home, as you might end up over-toning or damaging your hair.

How to use a hair toner?

While using it, the process involves applying the product evenly to damp hair, allowing it to be set for a specific time. Here are the steps to be followed for the process:

  • Mix your toner with a developer in a 1:2 ratio.
  • Use an applicator brush to work the mixture into your hair, focusing on the areas with unwanted undertones.
  • Leave the toner for 45 minutes, rinse, and wash with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioner.

How long does it last?

A hair toner usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks, with few exceptions lasting longer. If you are curious, ask your hairstylist to get better acquainted with the product, its usage, how long it lasts, and aftercare.

If you have bleached your hair, follow it up with a hair toner. Bleached hair tends to dry up sooner, so a toner makes it look healthy and fuller, locks cuticles, and reduces frizz.

Types of hair toners?

There are three types of hair toners:
  • Permanent toners- The previous hair shade can be hidden by utilizing hair solutions like permanent toners. They alter the hair's tone without leaving traces of the last tint. Permanent toners are frequently used due to their lasting effects.
  • Semi-permanent- Semi-permanent toners can be used for the color to last briefly while maintaining hair strength. If you use a semi-permanent toner, the color may not deteriorate for an average of 8 to 10 washes.
  • Demi-permanent- Toners last almost twice as long as semi-permanent substitutes. Ammonia-based hair toners are typically demi-permanent. Since a demi-permanent toner may alter the internal structure of the hair shaft, preventing hair damage, use it with caution.

(The three common toner types are ammonia toners, purple shampoo, and dye)

Is toner permanent?

Generally, toners are unlike hair colors, lasting only 3-4 weeks. Going for a semi-permanent hair color or a demi-permanent hair color can be an option if you like experimenting with the current hair tone. It lasts for a couple of washes before gradually fading off.

Best hair toner for blonde hair

While in-salon hair toners are a professional color-correcting formula, a range of other products can be used for in-home toning. Here is Moehair Color Vibrant Blonde Shampoo - This product repairs damage and neutralizes unwanted yellow and orange tones. It is made with Glycerin, Citric acid, and Glycol Distearate essentials. The violet pigments in this product are for color-treated hair tones; they prevent brassiness while repairing damaged, dry, and brittle hair with split ends. It makes your hair healthier, hydrated, brighter, and nourished. It freshens up your hair tone with every wash. The conditioner helps calm the scalp, acts anti-static, and hydrates the hair from the root to the tip.


Toners are hair color correctors that use cold colors like purple, blue, bluish-gray, and silver to balance your hair's unwelcomed warm tones. Additionally, toners help boost and bring out the vibrancy of your hair color. Particular hair shampoos are made to take care of this. The shampoos with violet pigments are suitable and suggested.