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  3. Moehair protein shampoo vs. clarifying shampoo - Which suits your hair?
Moehair protein shampoo vs. clarifying shampoo - Which suits your hair?

Moehair protein shampoo vs. clarifying shampoo - Which suits your hair?

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Thousands of products float the market shelves promising ultimate haircare. Whether to use a protein shampoo, moisturizing, or clarifying shampoo starts with understanding your hair and scalp type. Confused? We feel you!

Selecting the right shampoo from a pool of products and, most importantly, understanding the lingo on the packaging is challenging. This is where we shed some light on protein shampoo vs. clarifying shampoo and help you choose the right shampoo according to your hair needs. 

Difference between protein shampoo and clarifying shampoo

Before deciding the type of shampoo that is best for your hair, let’s understand each of them and the purpose of each shampoo. 

What is protein shampoo?


It is a shampoo powered with proteins like keratin, collagen, hydrolyzed silk protein, and soy protein. It aims to balance the protein layer on hair strands. Keratin is a natural hair protein that acts as a protective layer on hair strands, strengthening hair and maintaining hair structure. Collagen is also a natural hair protein known to strengthen hair follicles, increase hair elasticity, and improve scalp health.

We recommend Moehair Protein Infused Shampoo.

The shampoo is powered with the goodness of coconut, avocado, and argan oil that nourishes, strengthens, and reconstructs damaged hair strands. It is crafted free of nasties like paraben and sulfate. Loaded with proteins, the shampoo revitalizes hair, removes frizz, and prevents hair breakage. 

  • Coats the hair strand with protein to protect the hair shaft
  • Soften coarse, brittle, and frizzy hair
  • It makes hair manageable and restores hair luster

What is clarifying shampoo?

The shampoo is a hair and scalp detox that removes product build-up and cleans the scalp. The  best clarifying shampoo  act as a scalp cleanser and is perfect for people who use many styling products like mousses, gel, hairspray, etc. It deeply cleanses dirt and oil, keeping the scalp healthy and hair smooth and frizz-free.

We recommend Moehair Clarifying Shampoo.


The phosphate, paraben, and sulfate-free clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses and detoxifies scalp while gently cleaning dirt, oil, and product buildup. The shampoo is infused with anti-static conditioning ingredients that prepares hair for hair treatment like perming, coloring, or other chemical treatments.

  • Restore shine, minimize tangles, and leaves hair silky smooth.
  • Removes impurities, product buildup, and deeply cleanses scalp.
  • Rejuvenates hair and prepares it for treatments.

Hair type that benefits from protein shampoo? – Weak, Damaged, Heat styled, Brittle

With a formulation enriched in hair proteins, the shampoo is perfect for someone with fragile, damaged, and breakage-prone hair. Stress, excess use of styling tools, exposure to the sun, or pollution damage the hair and depletes natural hair proteins like keratin and collagen. Loss of keratin protein makes hair weak, while loss of collagen reduces hair elasticity, and this is where protein shampoo for hair growth takes the lead.

The shampoo replenishes hair strands with a protein coat and improves hair quality. If you have the following hair type, you might consider using a protein-rich shampoo:

Thin, weak, and fragile hair

Exposure to harsh environmental conditions or pollution is the primary reason for weak or thin hair. This is caused due to the depletion of the natural hair protein that acts as a protective layer. Keratin or glycoprotein in shampoos strengthens the hair shaft, restoring the thickness and hair strength.

Frizzy and coarse hair

Frizzy and dry hair are prone to breakage and difficult to detangle. Using chemicals, colors, or heat treatment is one of the prominent reasons for frizzy hair. It is caused due to breaking of the hair cuticle layer, which otherwise lays smooth, covering the hair strand. The protein in the shampoo repair and smooths the hair cuticle restoring the luster and reducing frizz. 

Easily breakable hair

The compromised hair elasticity makes it brittle, so the hair breaks easily in such cases. Collagen protein is a natural hair protein that helps in maintaining hair elasticity. Shampoo enriched especially with hydrolyzed silk protein, keratin, and collagen helps strengthen hair by improving elasticity. While silk protein coats the hair strand to protect it, the keratin and collagen add to hair strength.

Dull and dry hair

The luster and shine of hair are restored with the help of protein shampoo. Dryness is often caused when it is subjected to chemical or environmental stress and cannot absorb or hold moisture. The proteins in the shampoo helps nourish the hair strand leaving the tresses shiny and smooth.

Note: If your hair feels unusually brittle and excessively dry, it might also be due to excess protein buildup. In such a case, the protein layer prevents the strand from absorbing moisture giving it a straw-like lifeless texture.

Hair type that benefits from clarifying shampoo – Oily, Excessive styling use

Your hair might attract more dirt and debris if you have an oily scalp and high sebum secretion. On top of that, styling products further lead to product build up that might clog hair follicles and make the scalp prone to bacterial or fungal infection.

The benefits of best clarifying shampoo are its ability to wash off excess oil from the scalp and the product buildup. Moehair’s clarifying shampoo should be only used before a particular treatment like hair color, perming, keratin treatment etc. to thoroughly clean the scalp.

Here’s why the clarifying shampoo works well:

Get rid off excess oil or dirt

Sebum secretion differs for every person, and if your hair feels oily within a day or two of washing, you have high sebum secretion. Oily and greasy hair means attracting more dust and dirt. The clarifying shampoo is meant to deeply cleanse the roots, scalp, and hair to remove dirt. It is important to have a clean scalp before opting for any kind of hair treatment.

Use of styling products

If you are high on using hair styling products like gel, mousse, hairspray, etc., it leads to product buildup on the scalp. If the buildup is not cleaned, it clogs the pores and impacts the growth of the hair follicles. Hence, before going for any hair treatment, removing the product buildup is crucial and clarifying shampoo from Moehair helps in achieving the same.

Final words

With a fair understanding of your hair and scalp type, it becomes easier to pick the right shampoo that works like a miracle. Now that the difference between protein shampoo and clarifying shampoo is clear, it’s easier to identify what works best for you. Picking a shampoo with the right ingredients and for the appropriate hair type is just one step away from changing the story of your hair.

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