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The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Hair Care

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Hair Care

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Going vegan is more than just consuming plant-based foods. The movement runs deeper than a stringent diet that excludes foods containing animal-derived ingredients. Earlier, many things might not have synced with the idea of being vegan, including skincare, makeup products, and hair care, but not anymore. Vegan hair care has now made its way to the market, with ample options to choose from. Its demand is expected to rise globally at a CAGR of 6.51%, from USD 10.3 billion in 2022 to USD 18.7 billion in 2030.

As more consumers choose to go vegan, they become part of the solution and nurture their own and the planet’s health. OSMO Ambassador Jake Nugent told HJ Magazine — “Committing to vegan haircare products means you will be using products which are much less harsh on the hair.”

The luxury performance of vegan hair care products is beyond what you think. Being gentle on your scalp and hair, these plant-based formulations are equally accessible and effective. If you are new to the league, it may be overwhelming to understand where to start. Simply put, vegan hair care boasts products that do not involve the use and abuse of animals in the production process.

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Why Choose Vegan Hair Care

It’s normal to be intrigued by the growing discussion of vegan and cruelty-free products. Who doesn’t want to flaunt gorgeous, healthy hair while posing no harm to the planet? There are many benefits of choosing vegan hair care products.


Made with only plant-based ingredients, vegan hair care products can easily transform your routine. They contain a host of botanical extracts, naturally derived oils, and other exotic ingredients that nourish each strand from within without compromising the health of your mane. These curated formulations are free of animal-derived ingredients and maintain a distance from nasties, including glycerine, ammonia, and gelatin.


The good news is that almost all vegan products are not tested on animals. They are produced from top to bottom without compromising the lives of animals. With cruelty-free manufacturing and testing, you can rest assured that vegan hair care products align with environmental sustainability. Choose your side wisely and flaunt your stunning hair guilt-free.


Allergies are common when you use products loaded with toxins, including sulfate, paraben, and phosphate. But vegan products have got us covered! They are made with ethically sourced ingredients. Devoid of most allergens and chemicals, these formulations are safe for regular use and do not negatively affect hair health.

Gentle, safe & healthy

The biggest motivation for choosing vegan hair care is the safety profile of products. Preserve your hair health with plant-based shampoos, conditioners, serums, and more, as they nurture the mane with safe, potent, and gentle components. Backed by hair science, these products do not rigorously affect the health and appearance of your tresses. Get started with comprehensive hair care and switch to vegan.

Moehair’s Vegan Hair Care Range

As responsible leaders in the haircare industry, Moehair has curated a collection of vegan products. These plant-based formulations are beneficial for hair in the long run and equally effective on all hair types and textures. Here’s the range of the best vegan hair care products trusted by dermatologists.

Hi-Vibes Collection

Vegan_hair_care_trio_from_Moehair Hi-Vibes Vegan Sacred Moisturizing Shampoo

This magic elixir is handcrafted with the goodness of natural oils and botanical extracts. It gently cleans the scalp and hair. The high concentration of vitamins and minerals disciplines unruly tresses without compromising the texture. Make it your regular shampoo for rejuvenated, healthy-looking strands.

Hi-Vibes Vegan Aura Moisturizing Conditioner

The high-performing conditioner blends sunflower, olive, and argan oil, eliminating split ends and breakage. Boost sheen and luster without weighing your tresses down. The hydrating potion is explicitly crafted with green tea extract, nourishing dry and damaged strands. Indulge in the best vegan hair care with Hi-Vibes conditioner.

Hi-Vibes Vegan Hair Serum

Amp your hair care game with the ultra-moisturizing Hi-Vibes serum infused with argan, coconut, and sunflower seed oil. It deeply hydrates and conditions the strands, reducing frizz, damaged ends, and breakage. The lightweight serum delivers much-needed nutrients to your lackluster tresses and makes styling effortless.

Luxx Collection

Lux_vegan_hair_range_from_moehair Luxx Blow Dry Cream

Make blow drying easier and long-lasting without hitting the salon with our vegan blow dry cream. The rich and superior ingredients nourish, hydrate, and moisturize all hair types, adding volume and bounce. Control frizz, detangle knots, make hair manageable, and get hooked to vegan hair care with Luxx Blow Dry Cream.

Luxx 10 N 1 Leave-In Conditioner

Just splash a few sprays of our vegan leave-in conditioner to breathe life into your dry, damaged strands. The wholesome blend of coconut, sunflower, sweet almond, and argan oil with murumuru seed butter deeply hydrates and adds sheen. It softens brittle hair, combats frizz, and quenches the thirst of dry strands.

Luxx Deep Conditioning Mask

Luxx Deep Conditioning Mask combines shea butter and natural oils, delivering wholesome nourishment from root to tip. This vegan hair care product is an amalgamation of plant-based emollients that restore hair structure, texture, and vitality. Brew magic with the rejuvenating hair mask that visibly diminishes frizz, replenishes lost moisture, and leaves shiny, smooth strands.

Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Mask

Fused with violet pigments, the Luxx Violet Deep Conditioning Mask is your ideal healing and hydrating companion for color-treated hair. It keeps the hair color fresh and eliminates brassiness between salon visits. Taming frizz and breakage, this luxe hair mask deposits purple pigments on your strands and neutralizes unwanted tones.


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Ans- Vegan implies that the product does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, whereas cruelty-free means that the product is not tested on animals.