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Moehair Vegan Hair Color Range - Equally Loved by Millennials and Gen Z

Moehair Vegan Hair Color Range - Equally Loved by Millennials and Gen Z

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If you crave change but are afraid of the harmful chemicals in hair colors, Moehair’s vegan hair dye range is your call. It’s time to go greener with cruelty-free hair dyes, without posing any harm to your hair or our furry friends. Whether Millennials or Gen Z, we all love to look strikingly different yet gorgeous whenever we go out! Here’s when Voodoo hair colors come into action, giving a rich, creamy, and velvety finish lasting multiple washes.

According to The Vegan Society - “Veganism is a philosophy and way of living that seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals, and the environment.” Earlier finding effective vegan products was not so easy, but you are spoiled for choices with an array of quirky, bold, and vibrant shades by Moehair.

Each vegan semi permanent hair dye from our collection is a carefully crafted hair paint. It changes your hair color temporarily, leaving gorgeous-looking tresses without a long-term commitment. Being ammonia-free, it does not blast open the cuticles but simply deposits the pigments on the strand surface. Giving you chances to style and flaunt new colors for a shorter time, it fades up after a couple of washes. Bonus tip - you can mix two or more voodoo hair colors together to make the color of your choice.

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Why choose vegan


The vegan beauty market is expected to grow from an average size of USD 2.84 billion in 2024 to USD 3.95 billion by 2029. The growing concept of vegan beauty demands sustainable yet effective options, favoring both nature and human health. This is where Moehair checks in with a range of haircare and styling products. Each vegan hair dye offered by Moehair is free of ammonia, paraben, and sulfate, ensuring harmless hair transformation. But what else differs between vegan and normal hair colors? Let’s find out.

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Vegan vs. non-vegan hair colors

Plain and simple, a vegan trademark means the ingredients of the product include anything but animal extracts or by-products. Hair dye is said to be vegan when it’s manufactured without using any materials obtained from animals. And, if the product is not tested on animals, it’s a clear win-win situation. Inversely, non-vegan hair dyes don’t affirm cruelty-free manufacturing and testing processes.

As far as normal dyes are concerned, they can damage your tresses by changing their pH level. Leading to loss of moisture and protein, these chemical-containing coloring agents can make your mane dry and brittle. Vegan hair color products tend to be the smart choice opted by almost everybody - be they millennials or Gen Z, preventing irreversible damage. Here are some benefits of choosing Moehair’s vegan hair paints.

  • No animals are harmed

    Vegan product manufacturing doesn’t involve the use of any animal extracts or by-products. Plus, we do not pose any unnecessary harm to animals by brutal testing.

  • Safe, sustainable ingredients

    The best part of using a vegan hair color is that you are free to experiment with zero worries about affecting your hair health. This is because of the safe and sustainable ingredients used in the formulation.

  • Gentle to use

    Since our vegan hair dyes are free of ammonia, paraben, and sulfate, they keep your hair from excessive degradation. The toxin-free formula doesn’t let the color damage your hair cortex and is gentle, especially for those with a sensitive scalp.

  • Better for the scalp

    Dyes loaded with chemicals and harmful ingredients can cause irritation of the scalp, loss of hair strength, and rashes. If you like to frequently transform your hair with trendy colors, the vegan semi permanent hair color range proves to work the best!

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Voodoo Vegan Hair Paints - Choose Your Shade

Vegan_hair_colors_available_at_Moehair_1 Vegan_hair_colors_available_at_Moehair

Pink Hair Color

Get ready to live your Barbie dream and romanticize the vibrant hues with Moehair pastel pink vegan hair dye. Its gentle, ultra-hydrating formula with a pleasant aroma gives your tresses an undeniably glossy look.

Yellow Hair Color

Loving buttery and lemony hues of yellow is no crime now! Introducing sunny yellow hair paint by Moehair with a non-drippy formulation that looks gorgeous on all hair types. Feel fresh and bright as you head out with your flawless tresses painted yellow.

Green Hair Color

Wear your eccentric style with shades of green imbued by nature. From pastel tints to the brightest tones, the green hair dye brings life to your tresses like never before. Cherish the makeover with this vegan semi permanent hair color as it fades off in a couple of washes.

Purple Hair Color

Wear a stylish, statement style as you dig for the purple hair trend with Moehair’s non-toxic voodoo hair paint. Have fun with rich and creamy shades of purple, lilac, and lavender, leaving an outstanding impression on your strands.

White Hair Color

Don’t like dark hues on your mane? Go for DIY mixing with this vegan hair color. Mix it with a vibrant color of your choice and get jaw-dropping light shades. And if you like it simple yet bold, behold the beauty of your salt-and-pepper look and coat your hair with a creamy sheen.

Magenta Hair Color

Don’t worry about committing to the color and show off your unique style with magenta shades of our vegan hair dye. The premium and supersaturated formula gracefully deposits the color on your strands, leaving a vivid magenta tinge.

Blue Hair Color

Blue may not be everybody’s favorite but what’s the harm in trying it for a couple of days? Moehair’s semi-permanent blue hair paint is an easy-to-apply formula, lasting only till you find another shade to put on.

Copper Hair Color

Autumn bliss is incomplete without your red copper hair. Some copper sorcery with non-committal shades on your strands is all you need to make the traffic stop and adore you for the vibrant choice.

Black Hair Color

Somewhere in the back of our minds, we all adore the mystical aura of black. Why not paint your mane in the darkest tints of bold, black hair dye? It’s free of toxins and loaded with the goodness of nourishing ingredients.

Bright Red Hair Color

Fiery red is quite the head-turner, be prepared to grab attention as you go flaunting our bright red vegan dye. Highlights, streaks, and balayage - you must try them all and keep the experiment going with Moehair’s bright red vegan hair dye.


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