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How to Use Leave-In Conditioner, Benefits and Precautions

How to Use Leave-In Conditioner, Benefits and Precautions

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Shinier, softer, defined, and moisturized hair strands – isn’t it a dream for everyone? While good hair comes naturally to some, others struggle with a barrage of problems. Yes, we have hair damage, dullness, coarseness, hair breakage, hair fall, and most commonly frizzy texture. Just when you thought your hair is doomed, there comes a rescuer – leave in conditioner. Just like your body needs nutrients for nourishment, consider it a supplementary nutrient for your hair. 

What exactly is leave in conditioner?

If you ever wondered what is a leave-in conditioner and how it works, we got you covered. It’s simply a conditioner that you can apply after washing your hair. Unlike regular conditioner, it doesn’t require rinsing and is not meant to be washed off. The leave-in conditioner is quite the thirst quencher for your hair – leaving hair moisturized, hydrated, and smooth, and helps with easy detangling. Presenting the holy grail for lifeless, damaged, and frizzy hair and how it benefits hair. 

How to apply leave-in conditioner?

Plethora of questions float around the usage of leave in conditioner, how to use it the right way, and if it’s worth it. Let’s help you with the steps to get maximum benefit:

Step 1: Shampoo your hair

The first step is washing your hair with a mild shampoo. Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly before using the leave in conditioner. Towel dry the hair to remove excess water before applying the product. Avoid the application on soaking wet hair or dry hair as it does not give the best of the desired result. 

Step 2: Apply on damp hair

Always apply the product to damp hair for maximum nourishment and hydration. Gently distribute the product along the length of the hair and towards the end. Remember, it is for the hair and not the scalp. Avoid application on the scalp to prevent product buildup. 

Step 3: Brush and detangle

After applying, brush your hair with a detangling brush to spread it evenly. The conditioner makes hair soft and slippery easing the tangles and preventing hair breakages. It softens the texture and frizz adding to the softness of the tresses. The leave in conditioner for curly hair brings a huge difference to the hair quality, easing the detangling and styling process. 

Amazing benefits of leave in conditioner

The leave in conditioner application brings in the blessing of bouncy, shiny, and stunning hair. Be it adding moisture to dry or frizzy hair or easing the detangling of the hair strand, here are a few benefits:

Repairs dry and frizzy hair 

If your hair feels dry, dull, and coarse, it’s because of a lack of moisture. Give your mane an extra dose of hydration and moisture and bring life to the lackluster hair strand. It provides hair with the necessary moisture leaving it smooth and prevents from hair breakage or split ends. The undeniable benefits of leave in conditioner make it a popular haircare product. 

Take care of damaged hair 

Excessive using of heat styling products or chemicals on hair damages its quality. Styling tools, bleach, dye, etc. damage the hair shafts and dwarf hair growth. Leave-in conditioner comes as a saviour by adding a protective layer before using styling or heat tools. Also, the protein-enriched conditioner moisturizes the hair and prevents it from drying.

Better definition for curls 

Leave-in conditioner for curly hair is a big boon. Curly and coarse hair is often more prone and susceptible to breakage and dryness. Applying the product on damp hair and scrunching it upwards helps in achieving healthier and more defined curls. 

Easy on detangling 

It’s a constant battle to detangle your hair with minimum hairfall. If you find your hair unmanageable, knotty, and difficult to slide the brush through, the usage of the leave-in conditioner after hair wash will bring a huge difference. Say goodbye to hair breakage and hello to smooth, detangled hair. 

Adds shine and luster to the hair 

It is a game-changer for people with brittle and dull hair. Just with the first application, feel a visible difference in terms of texture and get healthy, shiny, and lustrous locks. Leave-in conditioner for colored hair preserves the hues promising a vibrant luster. We can’t deny the love for shiny gorgeous tresses, right?

Choosing the best leave in conditioner and precautions

While leave in conditioner is for all, some hair types need it more than others. If you are planning to purchase the product, the first step is to understand your hair type and pick a product accordingly. Let’s make it easy for you:


  • If you have curly and coarse hair, opt for a heavy textured and creamy leave in conditioner. If you have thin and straight hair, go for a lightweight and gel-like formulation. 
  • If you use heat styling tools, look for a leave in conditioner that protects the hair from heat damage. Color-protection conditioners are also available to preserve colored hair. 
  • Do not use the leave-on conditioner on the scalp and prevent product buildup. Also, take a break from it from time to time.
  • Using it frequently might cause product build-up making the scalp prone to accumulation of dirt, dust, and bacterial as well as fungal infection. 
  • Look for ingredients that act as nutrients to your hair. Humectants like hyaluronic acid or aloe vera hydrate hair; plant oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. reduce frizz and dryness; plant butter like shea butter nourishes hair; and antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and protect from heat damage. 

Our top pick for bestselling leave in conditioner

Now that we know all the goodness and benefits of leave in conditioner for frizzy hair, here is a recommendation to try and fall in love with your hair again. 

Moehair Leave-in Conditioner 

It is powered with keratin protein, linseed, argan, and castor oil. The safe formulation is paraben, phosphate, and sulfate-free. The ultra-hydrating conditioner adds extra moisture and takes care of chemically treated or heat-damaged hair. Here’s why must try the product for oh-so-gorgeous hair:

  • Controls frizz and adds texture to the hair
  • Softens and detangles unruly hair 
  • Repairs or prevents split end
  • Restores chemically treated or damaged hair 
  • Hydrates and nourish dry hair 


Sounds simple, but the abundance of benefits from the usage of leave in conditioner is truly a miracle for hair. Be it nourishing the hair, guarding it against heat stress or pollution damage, or taming the dreaded frizz, the product is a one-stop solution to moisturize, soft, and healthier tresses. Nothing is stopping you from flaunting your stunning hair, so step out and shine on gorgeous. 

How we reviewed this article:

Our experts continually monitor the fashion and beauty space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

How we reviewed this article:

Our experts continually monitor the fashion and beauty space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

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