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Comprehensive Guide to Semi Permanent Hair Color

Comprehensive Guide to Semi Permanent Hair Color

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If you crave change without a long-term commitment, semi-permanent hair dyes are your call. The fleeting change with quirky and bold colors is enough to unleash your vibrant aura. Channel your inner confidence, and don't shy away from experimenting with colors.

As we unravel deep into the magic of these colors, we unlock a world of endless possibilities. The vegan hair colors stay long enough but not too long. Let's dive deep into the world of quirky hair transformation. The blog details everything you need to know about temporary hair dyes.

What is semi-permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair colors are temporary hair paints that change the color of the hair but without a significant commitment. As the name suggests, it fades up after a couple of washes, leaving a window for experimenting with different colors. They coat just the outer shaft of the hair and do not penetrate the hair cortex.

The science behind semi-permanent hair color is quite simple. On application, it deposits acidic dyes on the outside of the hair shaft. As the color molecules enter the hair shaft, it forms a larger complex. As the temporary hair paints do not contain ammonia, it does not open the hair shaft for the color to penetrate. This helps with easy dislodging of the hair color after a couple of washes.

How does temporary hair dye work?

How_does_temporary_hair_dye_works Temporary hair dye is a ready-to-use hair paint that doesn’t require any pre-mixing. It involves directly applying the color to the strands without adding color-activating agents like hair developers. It comprises large color molecules that sit on the hair shaft and do not penetrate the cuticles or damage the strands from within. Moreover, the conditioning polymers present in hair dye thoroughly nourish the tresses, tame frizz, and add shine and glow to your new hues. Here’s the 3-step process to understand how a temporary hair color works:
  1. The temporary hair dye gently coats the strands and deposits color pigments.
  2. These deposited pigments adhere to the hair shaft, and the conditioning molecules enhance the texture.
  3. The color gradually starts fading with a couple of washes, say 8 to 10 on average.

While darker shades may not require any significant prep work before hair dyeing, light shades demand bleaching. Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of British salon Bleach London, told Vogue — "For semi-permanent bright and pastel shades, you'll need to apply to a light, bleached blonde.” Depending on the intensity of your chosen hue, lift the natural color of your strands. This helps create a clear canvas for the temporary hair dye to work its magic.

Benefits of using semi-permanent hair color

Wondering what makes the semi-permanent hair paints great. Moehair's Voodoo range is safe for use and boasts a vegan formulation. It leaves hair glossier and healthy with no animal cruelty, and the colors are enriched with natural extracts.

Here are some benefits of temporary hair dyes:
  • Fades in a few washes – As the color coats the outer part of the hair shaft, it wears off in a couple of washes. This means no long-term commitment and more room for experiments.
  • Bold and vibrant – The colors are formulated considering the free-spirited crowd. Charge up your confidence with shades of pink, purple, magenta, blue, green, yellow etc.
  • Safe formulation – As it does not contain ammonia, it does not harm your hair. Also, the semi-permanent colors are free of sulfate and paraben, making it non-toxic.
  • Easy to apply – The rich and velvety texture eases the color use from comfort of your home. It's the perfect DIY hair color.
  • Glossy and lustrous hair – As the hair color consists of natural oil, it leaves your strands glossy after coloring.
  • Covers gray hair – The semi-permanent hair color provides gray cover. It is often used to hide the whites or gray strands temporarily.

How long does semi permanent hair dye last?

Color trends change at lightning-fast speed, and sticking to one isn’t possible for all the trendsetters out there. One day, it’s expensive brunettes; the other, glossy pastels, and so on. But, we got a solution. Now, changing the hairstyle without any long-term commitment is easy-breezy with semi permanent hair dye. The temporary color fades beautifully after a few washes. The deposit-only hair color pigments do not penetrate cuticles, so it is an ideal low-maintenance option for frequent hair transformations.

Depending on the hair type, aftercare, and the product used, semi permanent hair dye lasts up to 10 washes. It provides an entirely damage-free color boost that does not linger for long. It deposits the pigments on the outer layer of the strands, and the color gradually fades off after a few washes. The temporary hair color is perfect for root touch-ups between salon visits, saving you time and money. No need to chop off or re-color to get rid of your dramatic hues; just apply, flaunt, wash a couple of times, and repeat!

While most semi-permanent hair dyes fade beautifully, some may leave your strands coarse and brittle due to the presence of harsh chemicals in the product. Stylist Paul Labrecque told RealSimple — “For anyone, the best choice is to make sure ammonia isn't in any of the semi-permanent colors you're using.” Be experimental and go crazy with your favorite semi permanent hair dye, but don’t forget to sneak into its contents and ensure the safety profile.

Semi-permanent vs. Demi-Permanent vs. Permanent Hair Color – What's the difference?

Demi_vs_semi_permanent_hair_colors There needs to be more clarity between semi-permanent and permanent hair color. Also, there is a demi-permanent hair color that needs some clarification. Let's demystify the names and tell you precisely what these are:
  • Semi-permanent hair color – These colors coat the hair shaft's outer layer. They last for up to 10 washes and gradually start to fade away. It does not use ammonia in its formulation.
  • Demi-permanent hair color – It's almost similar to the temporary dyes but lasts longer. The ammonia-free formulation helps add depth, cover gray hair, or allow you to experiment with color shades. It lasts for up to 30 washes.
  • Permanent hair color – This is the type of color that does not fade. It opens the hair cuticle, penetrates the cortex, and deposits the pigments. The color stays as it comprises oxidized dye that reacts with hair's natural pigments.
Read More – Demi vs semi permanent hair color

Endless Color Spectrum – Voodoo Vegan Hair Paints

voodoo colors Moehair brings an array of fresh, vibrant, and electric colors to flirt with. If you are looking for a non-toxic formulation that's easy to apply, creamy, and rich in texture, here are the kaleidoscopic colors to try.
  • Pink Hair Dye – If Barbie is your vibe and soft romance intrigues your pulses, try Moehair's Voodoo pink temporary hair color. Wing those luscious lengths with pastel to candy pink, and flaunt your ultimate makeover.
  • Yellow Hair Dye – Delicious like butter and refreshing like lemonade, paint your stunning tresses in the yellow hues. Feel bright and sunny as you color your hair in the most luminous shades of yellow.
  • Green Hair Dye – Embrace the gentle touch of nature as you color your strands in harmonious hues of green. Show off your emerald, green hair to the world.
  • Purple Hair Dye – Get ready for the ultimate hair makeover with rich lavender, lilac, and purple hues. Try out Moehair's purple temporary dye for a refreshing change.
  • Magenta Hair Dye – Revive your inner pop star energy with bold shades of magenta hair color lining your tresses. The colors blend well and evoke your fashion statement.
  • Blue Hair Dye – The serenity of blue instills calm and spreads the quilt akin to the vivid skies. The hint of teal to deep blue gives the best vibrant result.
  • Red Hair Dye – If you like fiery, red temporary hair dye is your go-to color. The brilliant shades of copper red spice up both your style and confidence.
  • Clear Hair Dye – If white is not your taste, mix it with other vibrant colors and create a lighter shade of choice.

Step-by-Step Process of Application

Moehair's semi-permanent hair paint is rich, non-drippy, and easy to apply. Reading the information leaflet makes it convenient to use in the comfort of your home.

Here are the steps for the application of Moehair's temporary hair color:

Step 1: Pre-lighten

For the color to coat the hair shaft properly, it is recommended to first pre-lighten the hair up to level 7 or more.

Step 2: Wash your hair

After pre-lightening the hair, make sure to shampoo your hair. Always apply the color to clean, washed, and unconditioned hair.

Step 3: Wear gloves

Before pouring the hair color, wear protection gloves. Take the desired amount of the hair color into a bowl.

Step 4: Start application

Divide the hair into sections and secure each section with a clip. Start applying colors one by one on each section from root to top. Use an applicator brush for comfortable application.

Step 5: Wait for 30 minutes

After the application, let the color sit for 30 minutes before washing off. It gives enough time for the color to coat the outer part of the hair shaft. You might wait more, depending on the desired intensity.

Step 6: Rinse well

Rinse the hair with cool or lukewarm water. The semi-permanent hair color lasts for up to 10 washes and sometimes more. Do not shampoo immediately. If required, you can use conditioner after rinsing.

Does temporary hair dye damage your tresses? — Moehair explains

This is a common question that arises in our minds when we use a temporary hair color. The short answer is NO, until you apply a product made with a truckload of chemicals. Using a semi permanent dye involves color deposition on the hair shaft. It does not rigorously penetrate the cuticle. In fact, the deposited pigments gently wash off after shampooing a couple of times. Hair Expert Jean Lopez told Vegamour — “Most semi-permanent hair dyes don’t require bleach, which means they cannot affect the hair’s natural pigment or penetrate the shaft; thus, they are less harmful.”

It lasts less and saves you from the hassle of booking salon appointments for minor touch-ups. Put on your favorite shade and dramatically transform your tresses with Moehair’s temporary hair color range. It features bountiful colors to choose from. The Voodoo semi permanent hair dye range is vegan, non-toxic, and infused with conditioning agents. Posing no harm to your lustrous locks, it offers rich colors with an effortless experience. It’s time to be a trendsetter with premium quality hair paints suitable for all hair types and textures.

Aftercare and Maintenance Essentials

As the name suggests, these colors are not meant to last longer. However, with proper maintenance, it easily stays for up to 10 washes and sometimes even more.

Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner

Always use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks shiny, lustrous, and healthy. Also, using deep conditioning hair masts once a week moisturizes the strands. You may even opt for a color-protecting primer for washing hair.

Avoid excessive heat

Do not use hot water to wash hair to prevent pre-mature fading of color. Hot water often dries out the scalp and strips the hair of its natural oil. It's best to use lukewarm or cold water. Also, use heat styling tools sparingly. Instead of using a blow dryer, let hair air dry naturally.

Reduce chlorine or harsh sunlight exposure

Limit your hair's exposure to chlorine or harsh sunlight. Wear a hat or headscarf when you step out to reduce exposure. Avoid swimming pool as it consists of chlorine, or use a head cover while swimming.

Avoid washing immediately

The cuticles take time to coat the hair dye around the hair shaft. Hence, to retain the hair color for a longer time, wait for 72 hours before washing with shampoo. However, rinse your hair after the application and let it sit for 30 minutes.


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