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Before and After: How a Keratin Treatment Changes Your Hair

Before and After: How a Keratin Treatment Changes Your Hair

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Are you tired of dry, dull, and damaged hair? We all are waiting for a savior to rescue our hair. It's time to opt for a keratin treatment from a professional salon. A keratin treatment changes the texture of the hair, and it’s no secret.

So, let us understand what a keratin treatment is in detail.

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What is keratin treatment?

It is a hair-smoothening treatment that tames your mane and makes it manageable and frizz-free. It also reduces curls and straightens hair. The treatment involves applying a keratin-infused formula to your hair, which is then sealed in with heat. Here is keratin before and after in detail-

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Before the treatment

Before the treatment people often struggle with frizzy, unruly hair, making it difficult to style. Humidity, heat damage, or natural hair texture result in frizz and increased hair porosity. It can make your hair look dull, dry, damaged, and difficult to tame. But with a keratin treatment, you can say goodbye to frizz and hello to smooth, shiny locks.

At the time of the treatment

During the keratin hair treatment, the formula is applied to your hair and left on for a specific time. This allows the keratin to penetrate the hair shaft, filling the gaps and repairing the damage. The treatment is then sealed using a flat iron to lock the keratin molecules into place. This process helps to smooth the hair cuticle and create a protective barrier, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair. So many questions pop up, like- do keratin treatments damage hair? Yes, of course, if it is not done correctly! Keratin treatment is a semi-permanent or a temporary solution for managing hair.

After the treatment

You will gradually notice a significant difference in your hair. It will be much easier to style as the frizz is reduced and your hair becomes more manageable. The keratin treatment helps straighten the hair, making it look sleek and shiny; it is a smoothing treatment. It also strengthens your hair, making it more resistant to breakage and damage.

How is it done?

steps for keratin A keratin treatment includes various steps. Let us break it down.
  • Consultation- A keratin treatment starts with consulting a professional hairstylist specializing in keratin treatments. They will assess your hair type, texture, and desired result.
  • Preparation- Before the treatment, your hair will be washed using a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup or residue.
  • Application- The hairstylist will then apply a keratin-based solution to your hair, evenly distributing it from root to tip. They will use a brush or comb to ensure every strand is coated
  • Processing- Once the solution is applied, your hair will be left to process for a specific time. This allows the keratin to penetrate the hair shaft and bond with the existing keratin in your hair.
  • Heat application- After processing, the hairstylist will use a flat iron to seal in the keratin. The heat from the flat iron helps to activate the treatment and lock in the smoothness.
  • Cooling and rinse- Once the hair is flat ironed, it is left to cool down for a few minutes. Then, it will be rinsed with water to remove the excess product.
  • Blow Drying and Styling- To complete the treatment, your hair will be blow-dried and styled as desired. You will notice the change immediately as your hair will be smoother, shinier, and more manageable.

Benefits of keratin treatment

One of the significant benefits of a keratin treatment is its ability to reduce styling time. With smoother, more manageable hair, you will spend less time fighting with your hair and more time enjoying the benefit of the keratin treatment. You can say goodbye to hours spent blow-drying and straightening your hair. Instead, you will be able to achieve a sleek, polished look with minimal effort. Keratin treatment after three months requires a touch-up. Another advantage of keratin straightening treatment is its long-lasting effects. Depending on your hair type and the specific treatment used, the result can last anywhere from a few months to six months. This means you will appreciate the benefits of smoother, more manageable hair for an extended period.

It is important to note that while keratin treatment can transform your hair, it is not a permanent solution. Over time, the effects of the treatment will gradually fade as your hair grows out. You may need to schedule touch-up treatments every few months to maintain the results. How long does a keratin treatment last? It can last for 2-4 months, provided good care of.

A keratin treatment can work wonders for your hair. Before the treatment, your hair might be frizzy, dull, and hard to manage. However, it becomes smoother, shinier, and more manageable after the treatment. Keratin helps to repair damaged hair, reduce frizz, and add strength and shine. It can also make your hair more resistant to heat and humidity. So, if you are tired of dealing with unruly hair, a keratin treatment could be just what you need.

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