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Glamourous Spring Hairstyles to Look Out for in 2024

Glamourous Spring Hairstyles to Look Out for in 2024

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Spring is on the horizon, and it’s time to tap the trends for a spin. Thanks to our favorite celebs, we have plenty of hair transformations driving us crazy. Feel your best with some chic spring hairstyles 2024. From icons like Zendaya bringing awe-inspiring styles to revamping some 80s trends, there’s a lot to catch up on this season. Hold onto your classy taste and trace the hairstyles you are going to see everywhere, maybe even in your mirror.

Mixie Haircut


A mixie haircut is short in front and sides, like a pixie cut, and longer in the back, like a mullet. It gives an edgy look with choppy layers framing the face. Mixie goes well even with curls. Opt for volumizing products that boost texture and make the strands in the front bouncy without weighing them down. The mashup of two popular hairstyles (pixie and mullet) tends to stand tall among other hair care trends in 2024.

Celebrity hairstylist Marilisa Sears told InStyle — “The wonderful thing about this cut is that, for the most part, it maintains itself with a bit of help from you. It shifts into something shaggier as it grows in, which is lovely.”

Long & Sleek


Whether you prefer blowouts or straightening the strands with a flat iron, going for a sleek look is a go-to for most of us. And the best part is, it is again in trend! Elevate your hair game to the next level with a low-maintenance style that doesn’t require you to go the extra mile for styling.

All you have to do is comb through the strands to detangle knots and apply a heat protectant spray. Straighten your tresses using Moehair Hair Straightener. With no prep work and minimal effort, this remains the ideal choice for a formal look compared with other spring hairstyles 2024.

Face-framing Layers


Face-framing haircuts are here to stay, with tons of variations that look good on anyone and everyone. This technique beautifully adds dimension to the face. Short layers in front soften and contour your facial features. Once you’ve achieved face-framing layers, invest in semi-permanent hair colors for a non-committal transformation. If you’d prefer highlights, the money piece hairstyle is your call this spring!

Ponytail Braids


A cute ponytail with braids is perfect for a casual evening coffee or a lazy Sunday brunch. Start with your loose, combed strands and make braids as you like. Then, pull the hair at the back and secure it using a hair tie. You can also try braids at the back of your ponytail instead of the sides.

Braiding makes the hairstyle manageable and easy to maintain throughout the day. Pull out some flicks on one side, framing the face. Whichever way it suits you, such hair care trends in 2024 look super cool on all face shapes.

Glam Waves


Turn heads wherever you go with voluminous curves, luster, and sheen that come along with Hollywood-inspired glam waves. This highly structured wave pattern is loved for its show-stopping shine. The only drawback is that the hairstyle is not movable once achieved.

It is one of the high-maintenance spring hairstyles 2024 that takes time (approximately 2 hours) and a lot of effort to be in place. Being the most enticing of all, glam waves offer a beautiful hair makeover. It best suits the oval-shaped faces.

Curly Shag


The volume and texture make curly shag the most preferred style. It is ideal for natural curls, adding dimension to the hair without making it frizzy. These short layers on the head with choppy strands top the list of the hottest hair care trends in 2024. Adding movement to tresses with feathery ends, curly shag suits almost all face shapes and medium to thick hair types.

Make your strands perfectly textured with this effortless cut, and add depth with temporary hair paint. The style goes well with medium to dark brunette shades. You can also try ombre with a gradient of your choice for a sun-kissed look.

Headband Chic


Indulge in the elegance of this easy-breezy style featuring a headband that adds a pop of color and texture to your appearance. The headband helps keep your hair out of your face. It can be worn with a variety of hair lengths, from short and sleek to long and curly.

Whether you are running errands or working out, the headband chic hairstyle is your call. Give it a try – put your hair together, make the headband your forehead’s crown, leave some strands in the front, and wear it in the most casual way possible.

Buzz Cut


Go for a bold yet manageable hairdo and embrace your inner personality! The buzz cut is for you if you have a round, square, or diamond face. It can elongate the face shape, creating a more angular and defined appearance. It is a short haircut in which the strands are cut close to the head, typically using electric clippers.

The hair length can vary, but it’s usually quite short and has an almost shaved look. Overall, a buzz cut is a brave and eye-catching option among our shortlisted spring hairstyles 2024. It is sleek and modern and an excellent choice for those who want a clean and simple hair transformation.


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Ans- Yes, natural curls and waves are super trendy in 2024. Add a hint of your favorite colors, give them a face-framing cut, or style with a headband or bow.