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Butterfly Haircut Variations in 2024

Butterfly Haircut Variations in 2024

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The hashtag #ButterflyHaircut has over 1.1 billion views on TikTok, which makes it evident that the trend is here to stay. A butterfly cut hair is a heavily layered hairstyle that blends long and short hair without comprising the length. It features short, soft layers at the top that gradually lengthen toward the end. Celebrity Hairstylist Brendnetta Ashley told PopSugar, “A butterfly fringe is a layered fringe that is feathered. It resembles butterfly wings, thus the name behind it.”

The bouncy and face-framing layered look has been spotted on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Sydney Sweeney. It can be seen from the back as V-shaped, flowy sections, drawing inspiration from some old haircut style. In fact, Stylist Alyssia Dotson told Yahoo, “The butterfly haircut was born from the evolution of the well-known ‘70s shag haircut.” Further in the 90s, Rachel of Friends (American Sitcom) rocked the butterfly hair cut variations, whose updated version is now taking the internet by storm.

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“Will the butterfly haircut suit my face?” is one common question in our heads. Let’s find out how this trendy hairstyle adapts to different face shapes.

  • Long — Get butterfly bangs starting with flowy waves that balance out the length of your face with their voluminous effect.
  • Square — Create a harmonious look and let the short layers near your jawline soften the angular geometry of your face.
  • Round — Try on different butterfly hair cut variations and witness the magic of layers in the front cut short from the chin, adding angle and length to your round face.
  • Oval-shaped — Almost every style works well on an oval-shaped face. The butterfly cut is no exception, as it enhances the natural facial features.
  • Heart-shaped — No more narrow jaws when you can indulge in the beauty of multi-layered butterfly haircuts to boost volume and bounce.

All in all, the short and long layers combine to give dimension to your mane, regardless of your face shape. Jump on the bandwagon and try on your favorite butterfly cut hair.

Short butterfly haircut

Short butterfly haircut

This butterfly haircut is the most in demand. Short, wispy layers hitting around the chin create a face-framing effect. It highlights your features, contours a round face, and allows you to have fun with colors, giving a brimming look.

Layered style with big waves

Layered style with big waves

Layered hair with big waves becomes the ideal choice when looking for volume and texture. It covers the entire face and looks great with loose ripples. One of the best butterfly hair cut variations, it is like a modern take on the beach wave style.

Butterfly haircut with wispy layers

Butterfly haircut with wispy layers

Adding leathery layers to your butterfly style sounds like the perfect idea for straight hair, as it gives your tresses the shape and movement they need. Long layers feathered around the face and teamed with ringlets bounce fall just below the shoulder.

Shoulder-length butterfly cut hair

Shoulder-length butterfly cut hair

While anyone can try shoulder-length butterfly hair cut variations, they’re best for wavy and curly tresses. Your stylist blends the layers with natural waves and curls, enhancing their texture and appearance.

Butterfly haircut with curtain bangs

Butterfly haircut with curtain bangs

Exemplary for round faces, a butterfly haircut with curtain bangs softens the facial structure and adds illusional length. It balances out the face shape and makes it look slimmer, with length just below the chin, beautifully covering the head.

Butterfly cut with fringe

Butterfly cut with fringe

Fringe covering the scalp’s front hairline with shaggy layers on both sides perfectly transforms Rapunzel-esque long hair. If you have a wide forehead, the fringe balances it out and wraps just above the eyebrows.

Low-maintenance butterfly style

Low-maintenance butterfly style

Side-swept bangs with wavy feathers are one of the most loved butterfly hair cut variations covering broad foreheads. The stylish side part beautifies the overall look and creates a splendid framing effect.

Bob with butterfly pattern

Bob with butterfly pattern

Simply put, it is a shorter butterfly cut. It is a combination of rounded layers of curve cut and the texture of a wolf cut. It is a less structured version of a traditional bob cut, inspired by face-framing and feathered layers.

How to style a butterfly haircut

Discover fuss-free techniques to style your butterfly cut hair effortlessly at home.

  • Texture and Volume — Use mousse or volumizing spray to enhance the natural volume of the haircut.
  • Layering — If your butterfly cut has layers, use a round brush while blow-drying to add bounce and shape to the layers.
  • Blow-Drying Technique — Flip your head upside down while blow-drying to enhance volume at the roots. Then, flip it back and blow dry the ends to create movement.
  • Curling or Straightening — Depending on your preference, use Moehair Hair Straightener to curl or straighten your tresses.
  • Finishing Products — Finish with a light-hold hair serum to keep the style intact and give a silky-smooth finish.

Butterfly cut vs. wolf cut

While they may look similar at first glance, butterfly and wolf cuts have different characteristics. The main difference is that the butterfly cut creates short layers at the back, and the wolf cut features short layers that frame the face. Also, most butterfly hair cut variations include feathered ends, whereas the wolf cut is known for choppy layers on top, partially covering the head, with longer strands on the side and back.


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The name ‘butterfly haircut’ was coined by Sunnie Brook, a professional hairdresser.