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  3. Tracing Back Hollywood's Iconic Hairstyle over the Past Decade
Tracing Back Hollywood's Iconic Hairstyle over the Past Decade

Tracing Back Hollywood's Iconic Hairstyle over the Past Decade

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From Old Hollywood glamour to modern minimalist looks, red carpet hairstyles set the bar for the fashion industry. Over the past decade, every era has brought a whirlwind of glamour and left behind a trail of  iconic hairstyles  in the years to follow. From elaborate headpieces to high-rise coiffure to pixie cuts to erratic spikes, yesteryears have seen it all.

audrey hepburn

Audrey Hepburn’s iconic beehive hairstyle with short bangs

Moehair celebrates the coveted hairstyles that leaped across generations and is holding on to its classic status quo. We have had many legendary hairstyles, from the  Marilyn Monroe hairstyle  to Audrey Hepburn's noted Breakfast at Tiffany's beehive hairstyle.

Here's walking you through some remarkable and unforgettable Hollywood hairstyles  over the years.

Glamorous waves and pin-up up dos

jean harlow

Jean Harlow and the famous pin-up do’s hairstyle

The 1930s and 1940s were all about soft, elegant, and stunning waves. The decade saw curtains rising with the onset of Hollywood's stylish era. The classic  Jean Harlow hairstyle  continues to take us through the charms of vintage filters and fuel our retro soul. Shorter hair paired with platinum-colored sculpted, wavy hair pattern made quite the cut. Pin-up dos with Victorian rolls was a hallmark during the 1940s, with everyone perfecting the hairstyle with sheer elegance.

Tight curls and voluminous waves

marilyn monroe

Marilyn Monroe in her iconic hairstyle

The 1950s were all about big hair, which was achieved with the use of rollers and setting lotions. The Poodle Cut, consisting of permed tight curls, was one of the most iconic hairstyles made famous by leading ladies like Lucille Ball. The iconic  Marilyn Monroe haircut  embodies the classic Hollywood hairstyle with blonde curls.

Not to forget, Audrey Hepburn rocked every hairstyle with grace – the short bangs or the classic  Audrey Hepburn short hair  pixie or bob. Women around the globe jumped on the wagon to take a slice of the Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's  chic look .

Here's how you can achieve the 1950s chic yet pop culture look:

Set your hair with Moehair Flexx Gel, followed by parting hair sideways. Begin by spraying a dash of good heat protectant to guard your mane, like Moehair Thermal Shield Spray. Curl your hair with a heat roller and let it sit for some time. Once the rollers are taken off, finish with our best-selling cult favorite, Moehair Hair Serum. This sets the hair with a radiant shine and lasting curls. 

Bobs to Bouffant


Jacqueline Kennedy in the stylish bouffant

With the 1960s, a whirlpool of change arrived, and so did diversification in the  old Hollywood hairstyle. It was a timeless era with women donning different hairstyles. From classic high-rise coiffure to hippie style, time was changing fast. The 60s marked a mammoth of changes and walked the path of diverse trends. It was the time that saw Bridgitte Bardot's French-girl up do's, Twiggy's chic pixie-cut, and  Jackie Kennedy's alluring bouffant.

Feathered cuts and big hair trends

farrah fawcett's

Farrah Fawcett’s stunning feathered haircut

1970s hairstyle is often synonymous with the ever-graceful  Farrah Fawcett feathered haircut . The flared blonde layers and famed feathered look were a dream for everyone in the 70's. The sassy, layered blonde made a thunderous noise; it continues to be in vogue. 

As much as the 70s saw straight and natural blonde curls, the 80s saw a comeback of the big hair trend. The era was heavily influenced by metal and rock, with long hairstyles everywhere. The decade saw the popularity of perms, big curls, and wild hairstyles among youngsters.

David Bowie and Paul McCartney flaunted the quintessential mullets that were a fashion statement for men. Madonna's iconic blond curls and Cyndi Lauper's colorful hair were all the rage this decade. If these celeb styles have been a part of your scrapbook, now is the time to replicate their styles and ignite the rockstar in you.

The Rachel Cut Followed by Pin Straight 

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston in effortlessly chic popular Rachael cut

The 1990s was the era of Friends that popularized the  Rachel haircut  donned effortlessly by Jennifer Aniston. Undoubtedly one of the most famous faces of the 90s, women thronged to salons to duplicate the Rachel hairstyle. The choppy layered hairstyle popularized by Chris McMillan in 1994 continues to reign even today. During the same time, the asymmetrical bob cut, made famous by Victoria Beckham, was also a popular look.

The 2000's saw the return of lustrous hairstyles but with a twist. From wearing the pin straight hair to sleek ponytails or Beyonce's caramel locks – there was a collision of trends. Haircare products developed to support hair trends often complimented the pin-straight look. Moehair's range of sulphate-free shampoo is what you need to celebrate everyday good hair.

Curl it up and color

grace kelly's

Grace Kelly’s gorgeous soft curls

The definition of curls has changed from  Grace Kelly's soft curls  in the 1950s to Marilyn Monroe's bouncy curls to today's coiled curls. Post 2010, the hair care industry went through a frenzy with the development of new-age haircare products that love the curls. Today, women are embracing their coils and curls by maximizing their texture. Hair strands are turned into tight, loose ringlets, flaunting the perfect beachy waves. Not only curls, but the present decade has turned women into confident kitties – experimenting with bold, vibrant, and electric hair colors. 

Wrapping up 

Less is more has been the vibe of contemporary times. We have seen a move towards more minimalistic hairstyles on the red carpet. Sleek, straight hair, natural curls, and beachy waves have been popularly loved. The possibilities are endless when it comes to hair. Be limitless, bold, and daring, and try something new with your hair.


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