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10 summer hair care tips to beat the heat

10 Summer Hair Care Tips To Beat The Heat

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Summers mean more pool days, beach vacations, and leisurely basking under the sun. As much as the summer sun feels good on the skin, you cannot deny the perils it brings – read UV rays and humidity. It’s not unusual to stock up on sunscreen and make it an everywhere staple. As much as your skin needs a tailored skincare routine, a summer haircare routine is equally essential to beat the wrath of the scorching sun. Ask why? The not-so-flattering combination of heat and humidity leads to dry and frizzy hair.

Direct exposure to the sun strips off the moisture and damages hair. Heat and humidity together wreak havoc on your strands. Exposure to UV rays damages the hair cuticle, causing strand drying. According to dermatologist Wilma Bergfeld, MD – “If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of the hair strand, called cuticle.” With high humidity, dry hair soaks excess moisture, resulting in shaft swelling and breaking cuticles. This is the primary reason for frizzy hair; hence necessitating tailored hair care during summers.

Ultimate summer hair care to beat the summer heat

From the chlorine in the pools stripping hair’s natural oil to the heat from the sun drying up strands, it’s quite the battle your tresses take. Believe us when we say we have been there! Taking cues from experience and building on practical tips from experts, this blog details how to create a summer-approved healthy haircare routine.

1. Level up with hydration

Whether it is through using hydrating haircare products or increasing fluid intake, hydration is imperative to take care of hair during the summer. Drink enough water and keep the hydration level high to prevent your hair from drying and becoming brittle. Stock on hydrating hair masks and deep conditioning hair at least once a week. Look for ingredients that act as humectants and lock in moisture – for example, hyaluronic acid for hair is a proven hydration hero for both hair and skin. Opt for products enriched with aloe vera, coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, etc., as it keeps hair hydrated. We recommend trying Moehair Hair Mask to keep your hair sailing flawlessly through the summer.

2. Choose the right products

With summers and a rise in heat comes sweat, dirt, and dust buildup on hair and scalp. This makes shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week essential to maintaining hygiene. Washing hair regularly helps clean off debris, prevents follicle clogging, and cleanses the scalp. Deep hydrate and moisturize your hair after shampooing with a nourishing conditioner.

Opt for a sulfate, paraben-free hydrating shampoo, and conditioner duo to keep your summer hair happy. We recommend Moehair Hi-Vibes Vegan Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for healthy, clean hair. As part of summer hair care, add a leave-in conditioner for dry hair, as it helps lock in moisture and prolong hydration.


We recommend trying the complete summer haircare collection to beat the heat and flaunt summer-ready hair.

3. Opt for a hair sunscreen

Sunscreen for hair—is that even a thing? Well, you will be surprised that hair sunscreen is an indispensable product to block UV rays, just like sunscreen for the skin. According to research, exposure to UVB rays leads to hair protein loss, and UVA changes hair color, resulting in photochemical degradation of amino acids and proteins. As a result, it compromises structural integrity. Use a specialized sunscreen for hair infused with UV filters and ingredients that coat the hair, absorbing and scattering UV rays.

4. Wear a scarf or hat for sun protection

Keep hats and scarves handy. They make for the best summer accessories while protecting your hair. Avoid stepping out without shielding your hair with a hat or scarf. Opt for a cotton fabric scarf, preferably in a lighter shade, as it reflects heat. Wear a high-crowned sun hat, as it protects the entire hair and safeguards your skin.

5. Deep conditioning treatments

Opt for deep conditioning therapy, which doubles up as the best hair treatment for damaged hair. Exposure to heat often dries up hair due to the cracking open of the cuticle. Deep conditioning forms a protective outer layer, hence nourishing and hydrating hair. As the formula penetrates deep through the cuticles, it repairs the damage and strengthens strands. If your hair is prone to frizz, using a deep conditioning treatment and weekly hydrating mask replenishes nutrients.

6. Trim your hair

Hair care during summer requires a little extra effort. With hair prone to dryness and humidity soaring high, split ends are inevitable, which often hinder healthy hair growth. It is highly recommended to opt for trimming or a haircut to get rid of dry, damaged, split ends. Or, if you have been waiting to cut your hair short, there is no better time than summer when the heat is at its peak.

7. Avoid excessive heat styling

Your hair is already suffering from the wrath of heat, pollution, and sunlight. Whether basking under the sun on a beach or running around chores, your hair cuticles are spared from the intense heat. Don’t burden your strands with frequent hot styling tools, which might aggravate damage and dryness. One practical summer hair care tip is to skip using heat styling tools and style naturally. However, when styling is avoidable, don’t forget to use heat protectant spray before using hot tools.

8. Protect your hair during pool days

Summers mean more pool days, which also means exposing your hair to chemicals in the swimming pool. Exposure to chlorine strips hair of its natural oil. When it comes in contact with hair strands, it changes the hair color, leaving a greenish tint. Also, while swimming in the ocean or sea, as the saltwater comes in contact with hair, it dries and damages strands. Always wear a swimming cap before diving into a pool or beach swim. Shampoo and condition your hair immediately after a swim to reduce hair damage.

9. Massage your scalp with oil

According to research, scalp oil massage induces stretching of dermal papilla cells in sub-cutaneous tissues and hence helps with increased hair thickness. Opt for coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil to massage the scalp as a moisturizer for dry hair. It boosts blood circulation, nourishes hair, and prevents strand drying. Add weekly oil massage to the summer hair care routine to keep the cuticles from drying. Try using Moehair Oils for a healthy, wholesome hair massage.

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10. Protect your colored tresses

Your colored strands need extra attention and good hair care during the summers. Exposure to heat can turn hair brassiness, with few colors fading faster than expected. It’s best to avoid coloring your hair during the summer. However, if you do or already have colored hair, preserve the vibrancy by using color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Also, use a hair toner once a month to neutralize the brassy tones and fade-proof tresses. We recommend trying Moehair Color Infuse Blonde Toner or Moehair Color Infuse Silver Toner to remove unwanted yellow or orange undertones.

Haircare during summers might look like a mammoth of task, but it is rather simple. Hydration and nourishment is key to sailing through the days of heats while flaunting healthy hair. Whether it’s your beach vacations or trips to the pool, you can now get summer ready hair minus the dryness and frizz by following the mentioned haircare tips.


1. Should we wash our hair daily during the summer?

It is best to avoid washing hair every day during the summer as it strips off the natural oils, making hair dry, frizzy, and prone to damage. However, if you have extremely oily hair, you can wash it every day with a hydrating shampoo or a co-wash.

2. What is the best summer hair care routine?

Use hydrating and moisturizing products like shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask to prevent dryness and lock moisture. Avoid frequent heat styling, use a hat or scarf to protect hair against UV rays, and follow a good swimming haircare routine. You can also use deep conditioning treatment for dry hair. The blog above details everything you need to know about following good hair care during the summer.

3. Should I oil my hair during the summer?

Yes, oil massage is quite effective during summer, especially for dry hair. The oil boosts follicles, protects hair from heat, and moisturizes it. Use lightweight oils like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc., or a mix of all.

4. How to hydrate your hair during summers?

Hydration in summer is essential. Use an ultra-hydrating hair mask once a week to keep your strands hydrated. Use moisturizing products like shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair hydrated. Also, make sure to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, etc., in the products.

5. Why does hair become dry and frizzy during summer?

The combination of heat and humidity makes hair dry and frizzy during summer. Heat damages cuticles, resulting in dry hair. With the high humidity in the environment, the cuticles absorb moisture, leading to swelling of the cuticles and frizz.

6. How to fight frizzy hair during summer?

If you have frizzy hair, it is best to use a deep conditioning treatment and hair mask as part of your summer hair care routine. We also recommend trying Moehair Hair Serum to tame the frizz and enhance smoothness.



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