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Love is in the Air - Moehair USA

Love is in the Air

The season of Love is in the air. The absolute ideal occasion for some Self-Love. Now is the time for self-indulgence and self-care. Look good and feel great, this Valentine’s.

Valentine's hair care regime for healthier hair


The self-care routine might be a genuinely late realization, but it’s high time we begin. Centering ourselves and making a space of kindness and tranquillity for ourselves can be followed back to old-fashioned practices and rituals from around the world. With Valentine's Day drawing closer, there couldn't be a perfect chance to show yourself a touch of warmth, and what ideal way to do it over by relishing a little hair self-care? 

Here, we've assembled some self-care tips and hair care products to show your locks some true love. 

Treat Them Gently

Treating them delicately is the secret to getting your hair game on. Stop assaulting your wet hair by forcefully scouring and pulling at it. Instead, rub them tenderly to avoid hair breakage. Also, don't pull at your hair while brushing them. It can prompt hair thinning and damage your scalp. 

Nourish them inside out

Very much like how you feel better when you eat well, giving your hair what it needs helps in nourishing them to manifest delicate, smooth, sparkling hair strands of your fantasies. The key reason is hydration.

Run a loosening-up shower and spoil your hair with a saturating hair mask by Moehair, that intends to hydrate and nourish your locks. If your hair has experienced enormous damage, give it the genuine love it needs with Moehair Pure Makeover treatment to tie dampness and fix harmed strands while further developing versatility and strength. Are you managing a dry scalp? Use Hair Guard Shampoo and Conditioner, which protects your hair from damaging agents like free radicals and creates a defensive layer to assist with the further well-being of the scalp. 

Apply damage control 

Self-care is more than spoiling; it's also about investing the effort for a better, more joyful future. With regards to your hair, this implies damage control. So, what could be more liberal than a helpful hair care product that repairs damage while you rest? The Leave-In treatment does precisely that. Partake in the advantages of parted end fix, expanded hydration, and further moisturises and nourish your scalp and hair while you nap. 

Treat hair with Organic Oil

The fundamental stage of your hair care routine is to oil your hair consistently. Oiling is a quick solution to repair damaged hair, drying braids, split ends, dandruff, and unpleasant, curly hair. It makes your hair smooth and frizz-free, reinforces the hair follicles and adds volume and shine. Moehair Organic Oils can absorb into the follicles and feed your hair with the nourishment they need. You can mix Moehair Castor oil and Jojoba oil in a container and massage the concoction onto your scalp for great hair health. Oil massages also increase blood circulation and help you relax.

Use Hair Masks

Like a face mask nourishes your skin, a hair mask can do amazing things by changing dry, frizzy locks to gleaming braids. Moehair Hair Mask repairs hair damage and revives your hair, making it satiny smooth, sparkly, shiny and graceful. It also helps repair split ends and make the hair elastic to prevent breakage.


To keep your hair and scalp in excellent condition and control dandruff, you need a shampoo experience that tenderly purges your hair without drying them out. Shampooing eliminates dirt, an abundance of oil, and sweat from your scalp, forestalling the development of microscopic organisms and other hair issues. Therefore, having a perfect scalp is essential as it advances hair growth and hydrates your hair. Moehair’s range of sulphate and paraben free shampoos help in preventing damage caused by free radicals while supplying your scalp and roots with the cleansing and nourishing benefits.

Use protection

Protection for your hair is fundamental to a fruitful style! Like all self-care ceremonies, it's vital that you lay the preparation for your hair's well-being and prosperity by putting resources into defensive products to anticipate and control future harm. When heat styling and chemical treatments are consistently used, a protective shield is much needed to limit the damage. Show your hair some extra affection with the Hair Serum, infused with proteins and hydrating oils, which is intended for all hair types yet particularly for damaged, dry, or coarse strands. 

Refurbish your toolbox 

Beauticians know the significance of utilizing the appropriate tools in the salon. Yet, did you realize you can likewise rehearse taking care of oneself behind the seat? Salon weakness is quite severe, so you should put resources into suitable instruments. Use high quality styling tools explicitly intended to lessen the effort and maximize performance. 

Wrap up with a Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner will assist with holding dampness in your hair, leaving your locks detangled and sparkly. In addition, you can utilize a leave-in conditioner on days you feel lazy but your hair still needs the love it deserves. Advanced with natural ingredients, a good leave-in conditioner can smoothen and fortify your braids and safeguard your hair and scalp from the unsafe UV rays of the sun. 

The style for affection, style for success

Like the familiar saying, "dress for the gig you need," your hairdo ought to mirror the deviation of yourself to conquer the world. Therefore, investing in some opportunity to find the right styling products to make the specific look you're going for is taking care of oneself! 

Self-love is essential to let others follow you

With the season of love around the corner, we should embrace these tips in our daily life by contributing a couple of moments essentially in the day for ourselves to follow these. In the quick-moving lives, we bargain in today, this is more difficult than one might expect. In any case, this is a responsibility we want to make with ourselves, to see enduring outcomes. You will understand; you have found your valentine forever- in you! 

Love yourself, love your hair!