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  3. Guide to Cover Gray Hair – All You Need to Know
Guide to Cover Gray Hair – All You Need to Know

Guide to Cover Gray Hair – All You Need to Know

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Young at heart, yet grey hair is taking over your head– if that's what you are worried about, we got you covered. Going grey often was stigmatized with aging, but age is just one of the reasons, or else gentlemen in their 20s or 30s would not be flaunting the salt and pepper look with such panache. 

There is a slew of grey coverage hair color options for the ultimate stylish transformation of the greys. Sport stylish silverish or ash grey locks or experiment out of your comfort with vibrant colors or tone down to natural hues – be limitless with endless possibilities. If the greys bother you, this guide will ease your stress. 

From the right way to sporting and maintaining the natural silver to covering grey hair, here's what you need to know. But first, what causes grey hair?

Reasons for Grey Hair 

There is not just one reason you can pin for grey hair, but aging is a predominant one. Multiple reasons cause hair greying; here are some of the common ones:

  • Aging- It is undeniably one of the most prominent causes of hair greying. Each of the hair follicles consists of melanocytes, cells that produce melanin. Over time and with increasing age, melanocyte cells start to deplete and die, which leads to the appearance of grey or white strands. 

  • Genetics – Premature hair greying is often connected with genetics, so people start getting strands of grey early on. Multiple studies and research indicate genetics play a crucial role in deciding how sooner or later grey hair appears. If you have a family history of early greying of hair, you might go through the same – blame it on the genes. 

  • Lack of Vitamins – Vitamin deficiency is another reason for premature greying of hair. Deficiency in vitamins like D, B12, E, and H (also known as biotin) impacts melanin production and reduces hair growth. With the reduced melanin production, natural hair tone gradually starts to fade, leaving it white, grey, or silver. 

  • Stress – Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, or irregular sleep patterns add to the stress creating an imbalance in the body. Long working hours and other issues further add to the pressure. A few studies show that stress tends to reduce melanocytes that are responsible for hair color pigment production. 

  • Medical Conditions – Certain medical conditions like alopecia, thyroid issues, vitiligo, etc, even cause hair greying. Such conditions weaken the hair follicles, ultimately impacting the hair follicles and speeding up hair greying.

  • Lifestyle Impact - The negative impact of lifestyle is often overlooked, but casts a massive repercussion. Smoking is often linked to premature greying of hair. Also, excessive hair products, chemicals, and styling tools might start greying the strands.

Ways to cover or accentuate your grey hair

You will be surprised at dozens of ways to care for your greys. Whether you plan to use grey coverage hair dye or wear the silver strands with classic verve, your flair to make heads turn remains. And we are serious!

Go for semi-permanent hair color for grey coverage.

Whether you choose peppy hues or luxe shades with semblance to natural tones, semi-permanent hair colors breathe new life into your hair. Hide your greys with flair by painting the strands in semi-permanent dyes. The color wears off after a couple of washes giving you room to experiment with multiple colors – go yellow, blue, green, or orange or turn the tresses into a rainbow; get creative. Try the range of vibrant Moehair Semi-Permanent Hair Colors.

Opt for permanent hair color 

If you are looking for something permanent that evenly covers your grey, your best bet is permanent hair color. The spectrum of permanent color delivers a superior and uniform result. There is a color for everyone, from deep brown to mahogany to natural black to shades of violet. If going all grey or embracing silver fox tresses is your style, try Moehair Ultra-Light Pastel Platinum Blonde or choose from Moehair's Natural Ash Hair Color Range. Know your hair type and tone to pick what hair color is best for grey coverage. 

Add highlights to the hair

If your hair needs a little blending to cover the greys, style your strands with highlights. Consider using shades like platinum or ash blonde if your hair texture is light. However, opt for gold, brown, or light blonde for a thicker consistency. Highlighting is the easiest way to not put a premium on grey hair coverage while flaunting it with verve. Choosing a shade close to your natural hair is usually the best color to cover grey hair.

Note: It is highly recommended to consult a professional about coloring options. Whether it's for how to color grey hair highlights or use semi-permanent or permanent color, seek expert guidance. 

Taking care of the colored hair for grey coverage

Optimum grey coverage also demands good aftercare. Here are a few tips to take care of your colored grey hair:

  • Start with a good haircut, something that enhances the hair color. Connect with a professional hair stylist to understand what looks good. Good styling makes a huge difference, whether parading the salt and pepper strands or enhancing the color.

  • Choose products formulated for colored or grey hair. Try Moehair Color Infuse Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralize brassy and yellow tones in grey hair. Protect your colored hair with Moehair Color Alive Shampoo and Conditioner.

  • Always use a heat protectant spray before using heat-styling tools. We recommend using Moehair Heat Protectant Spray. 

Final Words

Embrace grey hair like a boss – coverage or no coverage; there is always a way to pair your confidence with elegant styling. Grey is the new mahogany, red or blonde – why not flaunt silver fox hair with the right color for grey coverage? Celebrate your hair and worry less about the greys with a mammoth of hair colors to experiment,experience, and accessorize the hair. 

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  • Jul 20, 2023

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    This comprehensive guide on about covering grey hair is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the best methods and products available. From explaining the science behind greying hair to offering practical tips on dyeing techniques, the blog covers all the essential information

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