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  3. Do Haircuts According To Moon Phase Help in Hair Growth – Moehair Explains
Do Haircuts According To Moon Phase Help in Hair Growth – Moehair Explains

Do Haircuts According To Moon Phase Help in Hair Growth – Moehair Explains

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Since time immemorial, there has been a strong belief in astrology, planetary movements, and decoding cosmic ideologies. The lunar calendar and the moon have a profound impact on shaping spirituality. The mystics of the moon melt the world between science and spirituality. And it's no secret that a lunar hair cutting chart is a thing now—from moon-inspired haircut dates to trims, all astro-fanatics are discussing it. The concept of hairstrology—lunar hair cutting—dates back to the centuries-old "The Farmers' Almanac."

The publication lists the best days for doing specific tasks and even includes the best times for trimming or cutting hair. From predicting tides to the course of the planets, moon energy also gives insight into manifesting good hair growth. Laura Guerrero-Nieto, a cultural worker and activist from Los Angeles, told Refinery29"In astrology, the New Moon is a time to plant seeds of intention." She emphasized Asian traditions of getting haircuts before the Lunar New Year to shed lousy luck and bring a fresh start. We were as confused as you are, so we did a deep dive to learn about it. Moehair unveils the connection and belief between haircuts and the lunar cycle and whether it promotes better growth.


What's the idea behind lunar haircare?

Whether it's the lunar hair cutting chart or cosmic rituals, the idea behind moon guidance is strong. A strong inclination towards lunar haircare stems from the belief that it can help you get longer, thicker, and more lustrous hair. It simply involves syncing hair trims or cuts with the lunar cycles. Stefani Padilla, hairstylist and shaman to MBG, said, "The pull of the full moon and new moon creates a healthier, more productive garden. This is the same approach we take in lunar haircare".

During moon phases, the gravitational pull influences the high and low ocean tides, causing the rise of moisture on Earth. Our bodies are mostly made of water, which also impacts our thoughts. Even if it is not noticeable, lunar and hair growth cycles are in sync. The extra moisture in the environment around the new moon makes your hair feel good and healthy. While the majority is astrological, some science is associated with lunar haircare.

Lunar Haircutting Sees an Upward Trend

There is a strong belief that the moon affects hair in many ways. Many people are guided by the lunar cycle when contemplating coloring or cutting their hair. The concept of a new moon haircut is rooted in spiritual awareness—it is a ceremonial representation of letting go of the old and embracing the new. Lunar hair-cutting charts, as per hairstrology, harness the moon's magic to bring a refreshing change to the locks.

Moon-inspired haircuts have increased with people scheduling styling, trims, or cuts around the New Moon. The concept of lunar haircutting is rooted in spirituality and brings a deep appreciation. People have claimed to feel good and positive energy around them with trims or haircuts synced around the New Moon. TikTok has raked 1.2 billion views on the hashtag #newmoonhaircut, which interests the masses.

Moon Phases for Lunar Hair Cutting Charts


The lunar haircare charts vary every month as the lunar cycle changes. Also, the dates vary from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere. Each month, the days favorable for a haircut, trim, or opting for a change varies. The 28-day lunar cycle begins with a new moon. However, the phases of the moon remain the same. Let's understand each moon phase and how to sync it with haircare.

New Moon – Setting New Hair Goals

From an astrological perspective, the new moon is ideal for setting goals as it is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It marks the onset of the lunar cycle, where seeds of intention are sprinkled, and full bloom is manifested. As per the lunar haircare narrative, it's that time to set affirmations for the growth of beautiful, healthy, and luscious locks. Avoid cutting your hair during the new moon, but extend care through deep conditioning treatments and a good routine.

Waxing Moon – Manifesting Hair Growth

As the new moon transitions to complete, it is met by the waxing moon phase in between. This makes this transition lunar phase perfect for trims and eliminating dead ends. By letting go of the unwanted, it is time for hair regeneration. As believed by hairstrology, the waxing crescent moon boosts hair growth and restores and repairs damage. Team up the trims with nourishing treatments like a hair spa or a hydrating hair mask.

Full Moon – Cut, Treat, and Color

It is considered one of the most powerful lunar phases, focusing on intensifying transition and bringing changes. It's when the moon is most visible and symbolic of releasing old burdens. This is a perfect time to get a haircut, remove damaged hair, and make way for thick and healthy growth. As new moons are also favorable for new beginnings, try a new hair color or treatment to change your hairstyle positively.

Waning Moon – Slow down of growth

This brings us to the end of the lunar cycle, representing ends linked to new beginnings. After the complete moon phase, this phase indicates decelerated hair growth. If you want to keep your hair short, this might be the best time. You can opt for a trim or cut off the damaged ends to maintain healthy hair for longer.

Intersection of Science and Spirituality

Moehair has got to the bottom of it to understand if there is an actual connection between lunar hair cutting charts and the well-being of hair. Scientifically, there is no proven link between lunar haircare and hair growth. However, the belief stems from manifesting positivity and consciously putting in efforts to care for hair. Lunar haircutting is not scientifically backed, but it's worth trying as it encourages ritualistic care and positive affirmations. To conclude, following haircare rituals like trimming, cutting, treatment, or coloring based on moon phases shifts focus on dedicated haircare every month.


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