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  3. A Comprehensive Guide to Keratin Hair Treatment
A Comprehensive Guide to Keratin Hair Treatment

A Comprehensive Guide to Keratin Hair Treatment

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Professional keratin treatment has risen to its hype for the right reasons. We will break it down if you are new to keratin straightening. Right from what exactly it is, how it leaves your hair smooth to the cost of keratin treatment, read on as we reveal everything you need to know.

What is keratin hair treatment?

Keratin Hair Treatment is a chemical process for smoothening and straightening the hair while keeping frizz at bay. The level of straightening, however, depends on the hair type and texture. Keratin is a natural protein naturally found in hair that protects the strands from humidity.

Due to external aggressors like heat, dust, dirt, and pollution, your hair starts losing the keratin protein. This leaves gaps or holes in your strands, increasing the porosity. As the moisture seeps in through the pores, it swells the hair shaft and leaves hair frizzy. Keratin treatment fills the gaps depleted of keratin protein, smoothens the cuticles, and hence takes care of the frizz.

How does keratin hair treatment benefit hair?

It has achieved the much-needed accolade for the right reason. Here’s how it helps your hair:

  • It is one of the most popular protein treatments for hair. It replenishes the lost natural keratin protein in your hair and helps eliminate frizz.
  • The treatment helps in smoothening and straightening hair. It leaves hair feeling soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • It improves the elasticity of the hair follicle. As it seals the hair cuticles, it prevents moisture from escaping and hence takes care of frizz.
  • It reduces tangles and hence helps in preventing hair breakage. It repairs damaged, dull, dry hair and protects the strands from external factors.
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How long does keratin hair treatment last?

The longevity of the keratin hair treatment depends on factors like hair type, texture, and aftercare. With proper aftercare, like sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and weekly hair mask, keratin treatment lasts 3 to 5 months. To ensure its longevity, limit the use of heat-styling tools. Always use a heat-styling spray before using a flat iron or curler.

What are the steps involved in keratin treatment?

Now that there is clarity on  keratin treatment meaning, it’s time to know the process and how it is done. Here’s what you can expect during your keratin treatment.


Step 1: Deep Cleansing

The first step is to prepare the hair for treatment. Before the treatment starts, hair is thoroughly cleansed to remove dust, dirt, product buildup, and oily residues. Often, clarifying shampoo is used for deep hair and scalp cleansing.

Step 2: Keratin Application

Once the hair is clean, it is ready for treatment. The keratin product or formulation is applied from root to end. Hair is combed with a wide-tooth comb for even product distribution. It is allowed to sit for approximately 30 minutes, followed by blow drying the hair smoothly.

Step 3: Heat Treatment

This is the last step of the treatment. After the keratin dries on the hair, the flat iron is run through the hair strand. This allows the keratin to seal on the hair strand. The keratin covering the outer strand smoothens and straightens the hair.

Does Keratin Hair Treatment Damage Hair?

As keratin hair treatment is a chemical process infused with keratin protein, over-processing the hair might cause slight damage. The processing involves the use of a flat iron to seal the keratin on the strands. Hence, the combination of chemicals and high heat may subject your hair to slight keratin damage, like dry and brittle hair, which is prone to breakage. Although the overall keratin treatment is meant to smoothen and soften hair, improper aftercare makes your strands vulnerable to damage. It’s recommended for people with thin and delicate hair to consult a professional before opting for the treatment.

Risk of getting keratin hair treatment

The potential risks and damage from keratin treatment are often debated. While it’s stolen the limelight as a smoothening treatment, it does come with a few risks. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Keratin formulation contains formaldehyde, which might dry out hair strands. Hence, a solid aftercare hair care routine is essential to prevent damage.
  • Prolonged exposure to fumes of formaldehyde might put one at risk of respiratory issues or allergic reactions.
  • It might sometimes cause difficulty in breathing as well as eye irritation. Immediately rinse your eyes, as it might pose a potential health hazard.
  • Over-processing hair with keratin treatment might make hair prone to breakage. Also, the temperature from the heat-styling tool can crack or damage the cuticles, leading to dryness.

How do you take care of hair after keratin treatment?


Using the right  keratin hair products, after the treatment is crucial to ensure the hair is smooth, straightened, and frizz-free for longer duration. Do not wash your hair until three-day post the treatment to allow keratin to seal the cuticles thoroughly. Avoid tying your hair into ponytails or use clips to prevent the bending of hair strands. Usually, it lasts for 3 to 5 months, depending on hair texture, type, and maintenance. Use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for keratin-treated hair.

Can I do a keratin treatment at home?

It can be done at home, but it is not a good idea. It is a salon-grade product that needs professional hands for excellent results. Some keratin-based products are suitable for use at home but do not buy professional-grade ones for DIY at home. Professional keratin products come with extensive instructions, and it’s best to leave it for hairdressers to help you with the treatment. In short, if it’s a professional product, do not try it at home.

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Is keratin the same as Brazilian Blowout or Japanese treatment?

Known for smoothening hair, all treatments have similar effects on hair but with slight variation. Often, Brazilian Blowout is confused with a keratin treatment, but it is different. Brazilian Blowout has a shorter processing time involving the application of the formula, blow-dried, flat irons, and washed-off, which helps in hair smoothening. For keratin treatment, once the product is applied and heat sealed with a flat iron, you must wait 72 hours before washing. According to Michelle Hong, Founder & Creative Director of NYC The Team, “Japanese hair straightening is a chemical process that completely restructures the hair bonds”. Brazilian Blowout and keratin hair treatments are temporary, whereas Japanese straightening is permanent.

Is it safe to get keratin treatment on colored hair?

Another question on the list is how effective keratin treatment is for colored hair. Or is it safe? For starters, the keratin treatment is safe for colored hair. It does not impact the existing hair color or dye. However, using a color-protectant shampoo for keratin-treated hair is recommended to preserve the color and keratin.


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