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Hair Oil Vs. Hair Serum

Hair Oil vs Hair Serum – What is Best for Your Hair?

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Struggling with bouts of hairfall, stagnant growth, and frizz mushrooming your crown? We have all at some point hoped our hair woes disappear and dreamt of flaunting stunning tresses.

New products swing by every now and then, but the existing ones continue to confuse people. Decoding the difference between hair conditioner and hair mask might still take another light year (It’s seriously confusing), but let’s start with something easier - hair serum vs. hair oil; what’s right for you?

Yes, hair serum is an oil-based formula, but that doesn’t mean you replace it with hair oil – unless you love the sticky feeling on your hair and let uninvited guests like dirt and dust cling on. Before any more confusion, let’s jump into the details and get to know which is best for your hair.

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Moehair Hair Oil vs. Serum – What exactly are these products?

Hair oil is not a stranger, and weekly hot oil massage is known to stimulate the scalp, strengthen hair, and boost growth. However, hair serum is a relatively new kid on the block compared to hair oil. Let’s get down to knowing each of them and how they benefit the haircare regime

Hair Oil and its benefits:-

The oil is extracted from plants and herbs, and the formulation consists of one or more combinations. Hot oil scalp massage is passed on as an ancient tradition, known to condition and strengthen hair from its roots. Regular hair oil has a thick density that coats the strand and prevents penetration of any other product. Here are some benefits of oiling hair:

  • Nourishes dry and damaged hair
  • Stimulates the scalp and strengthens the root
  • Improves blood circulation to boost hair growth
  • Moisturizes and hydrates dry scalp
  • Prevents hair breakage and split ends

Hair serum and its benefits:-

It is a lightweight hair styling product that covers the hair strand and acts as a protective layer. The density is lighter than hair oil. It effectively reducing hair concerns like frizz, damage, and dullness. Serums are infused with active ingredients like oil, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and silicone. 

  • Tames the frizz and flyaways
  • Protects hair against humidity
  • Prevents heat-damaged hair
  • Softens and moisturizes strands
  • Hydrates hair and prevents split ends

What is the Difference Between Hair Oil and Hair Serum?

Now that we are acquainted with each product and its role in hair care, let’s get down to the differences. There are significant differences between hair oil and serum in their formulation, application, and impact on overall hair health.

  • Hair oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, leaving hair oily. On the other hand, hair serum coats and sits on the outer surface of the hair strand.
  • The texture of hair oil is heavier than that of hair serum. Oil seals the hair cuticles and prevents the absorption of moisture. Serum shields or coats the outer layer and does not hinder moisture absorption.
  • Hair oil helps in conditioning and nourishment and must be applied to dry hair. Oil is washed off with shampoo, followed by a conditioner. Hair serum is applied on clean hair after it is still damp post-shampooing.
  • Oil must be applied on the scalp and gradually towards the ends of the hair strands. However, hair serum must only be used on hair and not the scalp to prevent product buildup.
  • Oil massage boosts blood circulation and stimulates hair growth and nourishment. Serum shields or protects hair from heat styling tools and prevents frizz.
  • The recommended times for hair oil application in a week is 2 to 3 times, whereas hair serum can be applied after every hair wash.

What is good for you – hair oil and hair serum?

Both products serve their purpose. All hair types and textures can use both products. However, if you have dry and limp hair, oiling your hair before shampooing is recommended. Oiling dry hair 2 -3 times a week delivers the much-needed nourishment to the hair, preventing breakage and reducing split ends. If you have an oily scalp, it is best to oil your hair once or twice a week and shampoo it within an hour.

Hair serum primarily acts as a protectant, preventing frizz, flyaways, and protect against humidity. Anyone can use a hair serum, specifically for chemically treated and heat-styled hair. The serum gives hair an instant shine and softness, but oil takes its sweet time to show its effect.

We recommend trying these hair oil and serum for holistic haircare—

Moehair Hair Serum-

The serum is infused with maracuja oil and protein that tames flyaways, rejuvenates dry hair, and reduces split ends. The goodness of minerals and vitamins shields hair from damage delivers extra shine and smoothens the cuticles. It is ideal for anyone frequently using heat-styling tools. Here’s how to use the hair serum effectively – take a few drops, apply from the ends to the middle of each strand, and comb for uniform distribution.

Moehair Organic Castor Oil-

Moehair Organic Castor Oil is 100% pure. It is known as one of the best oils for hair growth as it hydrates the scalp and stimulates hair follicles. The cold-pressed castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties that take care of irritated scalp. It is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, Vitamin E, amino acids, etc., for wholesome haircare.

Moehair Organic Golden Jojoba Oil-

The 100% pure and organic Jojoba Oil conditions hair and protects it from dryness and breakage. Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin B, C, and E that promotes hair nourishment, strengthens locks, maintains scalp pH, and boosts hair growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of jojoba oil further increase the overall health of your scalp.

Moehair Sunflower Oil-

The hair oil is a treat for dry and damaged hair. It prevents hair loss, boosts hair growth, softens hair, and repairs damaged strands. Regular sunflower oil is also known to prevent hair thinning and reduce hair loss. Oleic and Linoleic Acid in the oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help eliminate dandruff.

Final Words

There is no answer to what is more effective – hair oil or hair serum. Each of the products has its benefit driving ultimate haircare. Level up your haircare regime with a pre-shampoo routine with hair oil and lend your hair the love it deserves with hair serum post-shampoo. Regular use of both in the right way prepares your frenzied hair for a stunning makeover, something you will love.

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