Product Description


Its exclusive formula and its floral aroma with a Menthol touch, allows you up to 7 levels of clarification with a unique care of the hair, since it is used with 6% (20 vol) cream oxidant, in a 1 to 2 mixture. It provides great lift even at level 1 (black). This process is performed with a linear oxygen release due to its low percentage in the activator lotion (peroxide 6%/20vol) and a lower pH, so that there is no damage to the internal structure of the hair. MOEHAIR BLEACH POWDER incorporates in its formula a cocktail of ingredients. Among them are humectants, mild cleaning agents, thickeners and mineral oils, which protect, treat and even restructure the hair fiber during the process. Our bleaching powder with extra blue base, allows you at the same time to clarify the natural melanin of the hair, neutralize a little the natural residual hair pigments.