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Over a decade ago, Moehair embarked on a journey to create a nature friendly, diversity-embracing haircare line. In our progress to success, we have pioneered our vision of reinventing haircare that aligns with nature and establishes a perfect foundation to serve the haircare needs of millions of people across the globe.

Our humble beginnings started next to California, USA with the dream of creating a solution based, resolution centric, effective haircare brand. We are exponentially broadening our horizon to celebrate beauty in all forms of diversity with the perfect fusion of quality ingredients and innovative technology.

What began as a passionate project by our founders, has grown into an amalgamation of science and nature to develop a full line of haircare products, infused with the goodness of natural antioxidants, proteins, oils and butters. 

We believe all hair is beautiful and we are passionate towards making it last a lifetime with our haircare collection. Our products and passion have stood the test of time, offering high quality, safe and sustainable hair care to global communities.

Today, Moehair is loved across the United States, Canada, Australia, Middle East & UAE, S. Africa and Egypt, making products that make you feel good in your own skin and hair.

In our direct journey from salons to our customers, we are dedicated to realizing and empowering positive hair transformations, worldwide.

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Our History

For 30 years our founder watched his mother, work tirelessly behind a salon chair as a hairdresser. Having spent her early years working diligently in a quaint salon in Southern California, she eventually built a loyal client base and opened a successful salon of her own in Cerritos Ca. She loved her clients and her work and was passionate about her work, though as a small business owner, she found it increasingly difficult to access quality products at a price point that she could afford. It was in 2008 our founder decided it was time for a change.

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Product Research

After countless hours of product research, it became apparent that in order to produce the quality product he was looking for, he would have to make it
himself. Partnering with a team of innovative scientists and salon experts, Moehair was born. Together they built a business plan, located investors, and began developing their own, innovative formulas. All in the name of making a better, more accessible hair product for salon professionals.

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Flagship Store

Moehair’s flagship store is located in Placentia Ca. Manufacturing 95% of their products onsite, using local resources, vetted vendors, and premium raw materials, Moehair is able to pay close attention to quality control, ensuring that every product is at peak performance. From packaging to labeling, from pumps to facilities, none of the production of Moehair’s Aftercare,
Smoothing Systems, or Accessories are outsourced, all made in the US, from concept through creation. Every hair product Moehair produces is innovated in-house, with a team of experts that take great pride in the products they produce, resulting in the most superior product available. Countless hours of research are put into locating the highest quality ingredients at the lowest price point. The Moehair team not only does product research and testing but also hit the pavement every week to help educate and update salon professionals on the innovative products they are creating. Between their rigorous schedule of education, our Artistic Educators maintain a regular schedule of conventions,
photoshoots, and backstage industry events. It is tedious work, but it remains a vital step in maintaining the integrity of Moehair’s ultimate mission; make quality products accessible to salon professionals, inspire artistry through innovation and empower through education.

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Our Mission

As a company built on the backs of salon professionals, the Moehair brand has committed itself to making superior hair products, with higher-quality ingredients, more accessible to professional stylists and their clientele.
Moehair aims to inspire artistry with product innovation while empowering through education. Your hair. Our canvas.

Our Belief

Moehair believes in the power of collaboration. Our team of industry experts each plays a role that is vital to the overall success of the brand.
Having opened our doors in 2012, Moehair is one of the fastest-growing professional hair brands of their kind and we are not afraid to say that we owe
it all to the dedication and innovation of our Moehair Artistic Educators.
Having built our company to make higher-quality hair products more accessible for industry professionals, it is of utmost importance for Moehair to cultivate a channel of open communication with stylists in the field. Our international hair experts offer a well-rounded knowledge and understanding of what it takes to move our brand forward while maintaining a connection with the clients and
users of our brand, all around the world. The skills and talents of the Moehair team allow us to continually advance while keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry. Every day our experts work to achieve our goal of making superior hair products more accessible while inspiring artistry and creativity through