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Lights, Camera, Action and Hair- A rundown of Hollywood’s Iconic hairstyles through the years

From Old Hollywood glamour to modern minimalist looks, red carpet hairstyles set the bar for the fashion industry. Over the years, each decade brought with it a whirlwind of glamour and creativity that weaved the tone for some iconic looks in the years to follow. Here’s a lookback in time at some of the most legendary hair moments in history.

 The 1950s were all about big hair which was achieved with the use of rollers and setting lotions. The Poodle Cut, consisting of permed tight curls was one of the most iconic hairstyles made popular by leading ladies like Lucille Ball.

Other iconic glam girls like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor embodied the classic Hollywood beauty look with their iconic blonde curls and voluminous waves.

You too can look like a 1950s pop culture queen by first setting your hair with some hair gel— you can check out the Flexx Gel from Moehair. Part your hair sideways and begin by spraying a dash of a good heat protectant to guard your mane, like the Thermal Shield Spray from Moehair. Curl your hair up with a heat roller and let it sit for sometime. Once the rollers are taken off, finish up with the popular Moehair Hair Serum to set your sumptuous ‘do’ for a radiant shine and long lasting style.

With the 1960s came a wind of change in hairstyles followed by the rise of the "bob" haircut. Icons like Twiggy popularized the short, blunt cut that was both chic and easy to maintain. Audrey Hepburn’s dapper pixie cut from the movie Roman Holiday set the trend for short hair and wispy bangs. This decade also saw the rise of the beehive hairdo, which was a towering bouffant style that included dramatic volume and generous use of hairspray.

Natural and easy was the vibe for the 1970s hairstyles— with long, straight hair and golden natural curls being the norm. Farrah Fawcett's feathered hairstyle was one of the most popular looks of the decade, and it continues to be in vogue to this day.

In the 1980s, voluminous locks made a comeback with the rise of the "big hair" trend. The era was heavily influenced by metal and rock with long hairstyles everywhere. The decade saw the popularity of perms, big curls, and wild hairstyles among youngsters. David Bowie and Paul McCartney flaunted the quintessential mullets that were a fashion statement for men. Madonna's iconic blond curls and Cyndi Lauper's colorful hair were also all the rage during this decade. If these celeb styles have been a part of your scrapbook, now is the time to replicate their styles and ignite the rockstar in you. You can begin with blonde curls and maintain their glory using the Moehair Color Vibrant Shampoo-Blonde.

You might as well be a frog in the well if you are alien to the celebrated American sitcom – Friends. The "Rachel" cut, made popular by Jennifer Aniston on the show set the bar sky-high for hairstyles in this decade. This global fascination was created by hairstylist Chris McMillan. The bob cut, made famous by Victoria Beckham, was also a popular look during this time.

The 2000s saw a return of the lustrous and polished hairstyles of the 1960s and 1970s. The sleek ponytail and the messy bun were popular hairstyles on the red carpet during this decade. Beyonce's caramel locks and Jennifer Lopez's bouncy curls were among the most celebrated looks of this era. You too can, celebrate your favorite celeb’s style with Moehair’s range of safe, sulfate and paraben free haircare products.

Less is more has been the vibe of contemporary times. We have seen a move towards more minimalistic hairstyles on the red carpet. Sleek and straight hair, natural curls, and beachy waves have been popularly loved. The messy bun and French braids have also been a fashion statement in recent years.

The Possibilities are endless when it comes to hair. Every New Year is a canvas waiting to be filled with brilliance and creativity. Be limitless, be bold, be daring and try something new with your hair. 

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