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How Heat Protectant Spray Protects Your Hair From Excessive Heat

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Heat styling is one of the most common ways to achieve desirable hairstyles. But did you know that hair finds it challenging to withstand such extreme heat? It can lead to dry, damaged strands, resulting in texture irregularities, split ends, breakage, and flyaways. Being an avid user of hair straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers comes with a high cost if you skip hair protection spray. Celebrity Hairstylist Michelle Cleveland told the NY Post, “I can’t stress enough how important it is to use a heat protectant.” Not sure what it actually does? Let’s find out.

Understanding Damage Caused by Styling


Before hopping on to the best heat protectant spray for hair, let’s convince you why it’s needed. First things first, exposure to excessive heat drops the mane’s moisture level to almost half. Most heat styling tools operate at temperatures over 200°C, affecting the internal structure and damaging the cuticle (shaft). As the hair shaft is made up of overlapping cells arranged like shingles, intense heat sets these cells apart. These opened-up shingles give rise to knots, split ends, and unruly strands. It can also result in significant damage to hair keratin.

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Using a hair protection spray is like applying sunscreen to your mane. The thing is, heat poses harm to all layers of hair. Here’s the low-down of thermal damage caused by styling tools.

  • Weak Cuticles — High temperatures weaken the cuticle layer, making tresses limp and brittle. Cells in the hair shaft eventually spread and rise up, altering the overall anatomy.
  • Moisture Loss — Progressive loss of moisture is one of the most common risks associated with the frequent use of heat tools. Due to high porosity and low hydration, your tresses appear dull and frayed.
  • Denatured Keratin — Hair strands contain fibrous protein α-keratin that protects cells from damage. When the mane is exposed to high temperatures, denaturation of hair protein and degradation of keratin filaments occur.
  • Broken Bonds — Keratin is held together by chemical bonds, and its denaturation affects the bonding structure. Broken bonds create unstable sulfate groups that, in turn, make hair frizzy and coarse.
  • Pigment Damage — Extreme heat wide opens the cuticle layer, leading to the loss of color pigments. This can make your colored tresses dull and brassy as well as contribute to graying.

How Heat Protectant Helps

It’s not possible for us to forget our favorite hot tools and go out with the same boring hair every day. So why not indulge in a holistic approach to reversing and preventing further damage with hair heat protection spray? It adds as a potent hair care product that alleviates heat-induced damage and boosts overall appearance. It creates a protective layer on the strands, evenly distributing heat and slowing down its conduction.

Simply put, it prevents sudden blasts of heat on the strands and makes the process gentler. Cosmetic Chemist Esther Olu told The Cut, “The mechanism is sort of similar to how sunscreens work. Those create a barrier to reduce UV damage, but in this case, the barrier is protecting against heat damage. In turn, that helps reduce hair breakage and improve moisture in the hair.” Here’s why you should opt for heat protectant spray for dry hair.

  • Coats the strands — It creates a defensive layer, shielding strands from excessive heat. This prevents water loss and reduces the mane’s susceptibility to breakage.
  • Seals moisture — Nourishing ingredients like sunflower, coconut, and olive fruit deeply hydrate the mane, adding and sealing moisture. The formulation delivers the much-needed nutrients to withstand the high temperatures.
  • Detangles knots — It makes styling effortless by detangling frizz and unruly strands. Moehair Heat Protectant Spray is infused with essential oils that tame flyaways and improve elasticity.
  • Enhances shine — It is best to apply a hair protection spray before using a flat iron or curling rod, as it visibly boosts shine, makes hair manageable, and adds volume.

Choosing The Best Heat Protectant Spray for Hair


The internet is stormed by thousands of products offering heat protection to your tresses. Of those, only a few actually make a difference, owing to their superior formulations and power-packed ingredients. Whether looking for the best heat protectant for curly hair or wavy strands, keep the following in mind.

Hair type and texture

Different hair types may require different levels of moisture and protection from heat. The amount of hair heat protectant spray to be used also varies accordingly. Thus, we have explicitly formulated an all-in-one product that caters to all types and textures of hair. The advanced potion is enriched with the goodness of essential oils and emollients that keep strands happy, healthy, and damage-free.

Colored or chemically treated hair

Colored or chemically-treated strands require special care to stay fade-proof, vibrant, and glossy. Invest in sulfate and paraben-free hair protection spray, as it shields your color-treated tresses without fading those gorgeous hues.

Hydrating ingredients

Essential vitamins, minerals, and hydrating ingredients together make the best heat protectant spray for hair. To name a few— sunflower seed oil eliminates frizz and flyaways, coconut restores shine and luster to dry strands, sesame seed oil reduces heat damage and prevents hair graying, and olive fruit strengthens follicles.


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Ans- The best heat protectant spray for hair minimizes thermal damage and prevents split ends, breakage, and frizz. It can be used as a hack for instant smooth, silky, and shiny strands, even on non-styling days.